Ruth Eveland ~ Library Director

“I want to have something for everyone, even if they don’t know it yet,” Ruth Eveland says. “I want to stimulate, educate, help people find each other and do good work, entertain and amuse, and provide That Place where everyone wants to stop by regularly just to see what’s going on and where everyone is comfortable. I want to work with great folks and make exciting things happen. I truly believe that libraries make the world a better place and I want to do that work.” (more…)

Lee Bonta ~ Director of Development

Lee Bonta is the newest member of the team and he says he could not be more excited to be here.  Since moving here in early February, he has become an active member of the Jesup community, participating in the programs and getting a chance to meet many of the friends, supporters and volunteers that help to make the Jesup the community treasure that it is.  “I still remember the feeling of awe I felt the first time I walked into this beautiful library and realized that I was now a part of the Jesup and this amazing community.”


Mae Corrion ~ Youth Services Librarian

Mae Corrion has lived in Bar Harbor for more than 20 years and has worked at the Jesup for three-fourths of those years. Prior to her Bar Harbor days, she was the director of a very small library in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Before that she was a high school English teacher for seven years in Michigan, her original home.  (more…)

Laura Edwards ~ Circulation Manager

Laura Edwards fell in love with Mount Desert Island and its community the first time she saw it on an Outward Bound trip at the age of 17 to hike the trails of Acadia National Park. When she moved to the island, one of her first jobs was teaching swim lessons at the MDI YMCA. She graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts, writing a final project on the taxonomy of dye plants. After graduating she continued to volunteer at the YMCA, as her two daughters swam with the Sharks swim team. She owned and operated several small businesses with her husband. (more…)

Kathy Woodside ~ Collection Manager & Special Projects

Kathy has worked at the library for more than sixteen years. She says, “I love working at the Jesup! I love the sense of community and the diversity of our patrons!” She has a master’s degree in special education and taught for 14 years in various settings, including Conners-Emerson School in Bar Harbor. She has also worked in both the private and non-profit sectors including the former Bar Harbor Whale Museum, the Abbe Museum and Swan Agency Real Estate, but has discovered that library work is her true calling. (more…)

Ann Thomas ~ Research & Outreach Coordinator

Ann has sixteen years of experience in Massachusetts public libraries. In May 2015, after working in a variety of positions serving children, teens, adults, and seniors she obtained a master’s degree in Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston. Ann’s passion is connecting people to information, ideas, materials, and each other. When not working at the library she enjoys quilting, baking, getting together with friends, gardening, running, hiking, biking, swimming and reading. (more…)

Melinda Rice ~ Program Director

Melinda Rice oversees scheduling events.  She joined the Jesup after a long career in journalism that included work as a newspaper reporter and editor in Texas, New York and the Washington, D.C. area; and freelance work for newspapers and magazines nationwide.   “I’m working with great people toward the common cause of creating a community space that incorporates books, technology and people. What could be better?”  (more…)

Kayla Chagnon ~ Press Officer & Development Assistant

Kayla realized her passion for libraries at a young age when she found out that there were an unlimited number of books at her disposal, and she has not stopped reading since. Prior to moving to Bar Harbor, Kayla received her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing from Wilson College and her Master’s Degree in Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism from Syracuse University. After finishing college, she interned and worked at newspapers and magazines before settling into the library world at a small library in New Hampshire, where she is originally from. (more…)