Maine Vertical File

The Maine Vertical File is a compilation of historical material in the collection of the Jesup Memorial Library, in a variety of formats, mostly pertaining to Mount Desert Island but also including information about people, places, and events throughout Maine.  Many of these items are one-of-a-kind or no longer available through other sources.

Here we offer a list of the items in the Maine Vertical File.  These items are available only at the Jesup Memorial Library, and cannot be checked out.

For questions about the Maine Vertical File, or access to it, contact Kathy Woodside at

IDResourceTitleAuthor/SourceSubjectMaterialTypeConditionDate of AcquisitionNoteKey phraseKey
1A Life: Robert Abbe Bulletin IVWilliam Lawrence; The Lafayette National Park Museum of the Stone Age PeriodBar Harbor ME-Abbe MuseummonographTears on top of spine and lower right cover. Writing on inside cover.Unknown13 pagesFrench Huguenot; Gouldsboro Hills; Madame Curie; Stone Age Implements; Sieur de Monts Spring;Temporarily with photo collection
2An Island In Time: Three Thousand Years of Cultural Exchange on Mount Desert IslandDavid Sanger and Harold E.L. Prins; Bulletin XII 1989Bar Harbor ME-Abbe Museummonograph00/00/198936 pagesCathy Brann; Stephen Bicknell; Fernald Point; Acadia National Park; Penobscot; The Life and Traditions of the Red Man; Gluskap;Giovanni da Verrazano; Don Estevan Gomez; John Walker; Wabanaki; Souricoua; Etechemin; Etchemin; Armouchiquois; Almouchiquois; Abenaki; Pemetiq; Mount Desert Island; Les Raretes des Indes by Becard de GranvilleMissing File
3In Memory of Dr. Robert Abbe: 1851-1928The Mosher PressBar Harbor ME-Abbe MuseumbookWear on all edges of cover and discoloration00/00/192832 pagesWeir Mitchell; Mrs. Kane; Mrs. Kingsland. Madame Curie; Angela Morgan;
4Maine Indian ArtifactsUnknownBar Harbor ME-Abbe MuseumpamphletUnknownSieur de Monts Spring; Northeast American Indians; Dr. Robert Abbe; Basketry; Stone tools; Bone implements
5The Abbe MuseumBar Harbor Times; 2001Bar Harbor ME-Abbe Museumnewspaper supplement00/00/2001
6ChurchesUnknownBar Harbor ME-Churchesexcerpt from a book (photocopy)Unknown4 pages; 2 copiesSt. Silvia's Roman Catholic Church; Congregational Church; Reverand Mr. Freeman; Episcopal Church; Governor Morris Ogden; Mrs. W. H. Vanderbilt; Mr. J. Montgomery Sears; Reverand Christopher S. Leffingweill; Methodist Church; Reverand G.G. Winslow; Unitarian Church;
7Historic St. Saviour's Church Stained Glass Window CollectionUnknownBar Harbor ME-ChurchespamphletUnknownLouis Comfort Tiffany; Pendleton; Jihn DeWitt Peltz; Mary C. Hoffman; Florence Worden; Annie Kane; Elizabeth Linzee; Harry Hill Thorndick; Margaret Wingate; Kate Fearing Wellman; Joel Howard Reed; Samuel Lyon; Susan Washington; Cadwalader Ogden; Rebecca Mason Jones; Marian Burnham; John H. Helmuth; Nathan Gibbs Horton; Helen Gorden; Alice Maude Fox; Lois Irene Masterman; Frederic Joy; Ethel Dorrance Colket; Clarence Cook Little; Tiffany Lily; Sheldon Goldthwait; Vanderbilt
8St. Saviours ChurchUnknownBar Harbor ME-ChurchesarticleFolds and tears on right edge; discolorationUnknownBishop Neely; Rodick House; Union Church; Christopher Starr Leffingwell; Mrs. William H. Vanderbilt; William Osborn Baker; Stephen H. Green; Edwim A. Garrett III
9St. Saviours ChurchUnknownBar Harbor ME-ChurchespamphletUnknownCentenary Observance; Jonathan Stevens; Rodick House; Bishop Neely; Reverand Christopher Starr Leffingwell; Gouverneur Morris Ogden; Robert Amory; Ewdard Cole; Gardiner Sherman; John Kane; Hancock County Missions; Rt. Reverand Robert Codman; Charels Carroll Jackson; William E. Patterson; Albert Cecil Larned; Russell Sturgis Hubbard; Ralph H. Hayden;Leopold Damrosch; Harold A. Hopkins Jr.; Michael H. Dugan
10St. Saviours Church/ St. Mary's-by-the-SeaAlsop LeffingwellBar Harbor ME-ChurchesarticleDiscolorationUnknownDavid B. Ogden; Gardiner Sherman; Samuel E. Lyon; John DeKoven; Edward Coles; Francis W. Lawrence; Walter L. Kane; Gouverneur Morris Ogden; Reverand Chistopher Starr Leffingwell; J. Montgomery Sears; Hook & Hastings; St. Mary's-by-the-Sea; Bishop Doane; Edward N. Perkins; Margaret Harrison Doane; Northeast Harbor; M.H. Doane Parish Library; Reverand Fowler; Magnum Donum
11St. Saviours Church/Church of Our FatherReverand Edwin. A. Garrett IIIBar Harbor ME-ChurchesbookletWear along spine and corners; watermarks on front coverUnknownHulls Cove; William E. Patterson; Rectors; Woman's Auxiliary; Photography
12Stained Glass at St. SavioursReverand Edwin A. Garrett IIIBar Harbor ME-ChurchesarticleDiscolorationUnknownTiffany Glass Company; Louis Comfort Tiffany; Frederick Wilson; Christian Hauge;
13Heart of Its Campus Gone, COA Upbeat Despite LossRebecca Buyers; Ellsworth American; Jul. 28, 1983Bar Harbor ME-College of the AtlanticarticleDiscoloration7/28/1983College of the Atlantic; Kaelber Hall; Natural History Museum; Judith Swazey; Father James Gower; Leslie Brewer; Phoenix Fund; Dennis Kelley; Bar Harbor Fire Department; Butch Higgins; Thorndike Library
14Natural History MuseumUnknownBar Harbor ME-College of the AtlanticpamphletUnknownCollege of the Altantic; Mount Desert Island; Gulf of Maine
15Saved by A Great White Elephant (Turrets)Norah Deakins Davis; Downeast Magazine; October 1985Bar Harbor ME-College of the AtlanticarticleDiscoloration10/00/19856 pagesTurrets; Kaelber Hall; Thorndike Library Phoenix Fund; David P. Page; Cornelius Vanderbilt; Pierpond Morgan; William Parr; Suzy Stevens; John Riddell; Margaret Riddell; Lela Alexander; Alfred Anson; Sumner Welles; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Fritz Keisler; ignacy Paderewski; William Carpenter; Roc Caivano; Harris Hyman;Louis Rabineau; Donald Straus; Richard Borden
16A Brief History of SonogeeUnknownBar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleWriting in pencil on second copyUnknown2 copiesHenry Lane Eno; Acadia National Park; Atwater Kent
17Alumna in Community leadership: Esther Hodgkins Collier `44 Owner-Manager of `Sonogee`Alumnae News-Westbrook College; Spring 1972Bar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleIsolated aging on edgesUnknownEsther Hodgkins Collier; Sonogee Mansion; A. Atwater Kent; Harold Collier; Frederick Vanderbilt; Howard Hughes; Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr; duPont; Pulitzer; Kennedy; Elizabeth Kent VanAllan; Bluenose Ferry Terminal
18Assorted Cottage HistoriesNancy HowlandBar Harbor ME-Cottageshandwritten notes12 newspaper clippings and paper scrapsUnknownBeechcroft; Sea Cove; Malvern Hotel; Primrose Cottage; Francis Cottage; Colton Cottage; Corning Cottage; Greenway Court; Songogee; Swan's Island; David Rockefeller; Redwood; Mizzintop; Baymeath; Joseph Pulitzer; Schooner Head
19Bar Harbors Great CottagesMargaret Hammel; Down East Magazine; Jun.1973Bar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleUnknownHudson River School; Architecture; Rockefeller; Stotebury; Wingwood House; Ernesto Fabbri; Stanwood Cottage; James G. Blunt;Chatwold; Joseph Pulitzer; John S. Kennedy; Kennarden Lodge; George Vanderbilt; Pointe d'Acadie; Turrets; Henry Cabot Lodge; Halford and Walker Blaine; Benjamin Harrison
20BaymeathLouise de Koven Bowen; Yankee Magazine; September 1974Bar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleUnknownCaptain Wm McCormick Blair Jr.; Eastern Steamship Line; New Bedford Harbor; Alex Byron; John R. Manta; Charles W. Morgan; Potawaomis; Woods Lake; Jane Addams; Peter Larson; Arthur Chilman;
21Baymeath and the Bar Harbor That WasC. William Chilman; The New England Galaxy; Summer 1972Bar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleUnknown2 copiesFisherman's Wharf; Sieur de Monts National Monument; Woodrow Wilson; Joseph T Bowen; E.T. Stotebury; Wingwood; Rangeley; Norumbega; Mt. Desert Ferry; Schoodic Mountain; Gouldsboro; Clarence Dow; Photography
22ChatwoldAmerican Victorian ArchitectureBar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleUnknownPhotography; G. B. BowlerRotch and Tilden; Thomas Cole; Frederick Church; Arthur Rotch; George Thomas Tilden
23Lessons in Design: Learning From Lost GardensPatrick Chasse; Horticulture; Jul/Aug 2004Bar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleUnknown2 pagesDeWitt Clinton Blair; Blair Eyrie; James Greenleaf; Andrew, Jacques, & Rantoul; Frenchman's Bay; Gardens; Wingwood House; E.T. Stotesbury; Cassatt family; Beatrix Farrand; Edgar Scott; Gertrude Jekyll; Anna Scott Kennedy; Chiltern; Reef Point; Garland Farm
24New Mistress of the BreakwaterNan Lincoln; Downeast Magazine; June 1993Bar Harbor ME-Cottagesarticle6/00/19935 pagesBonnie Sawyer; Breakwater; John Innes Kane; John Jacob Astor; Porcupine islands; Frenchman's Bay; Atlantic Builders; Mark Sweeney; Classical Endeavors; Shore Path; Susan Mary Alsop; Ambassador Peter Jay; Russell and Margot Snyder;
25Regilding a Cottage-BreakwaterCountry Inns; Jul/Aug 1992Bar Harbor ME-CottagesarticleUnknownJohn Innes Kane; John Jacob Astor; Bonnie Sawyer; Katy Wood; Jed Wood; Gail Rudder Kent; Drexel Heritage Furnature; Joey Wilson; Tom Marinke; Sandy McKeen
26ThirlstaneGladys O'Neil Bar Harbor Times; Jul.13, 1978Bar Harbor ME-Cottagesarticle, photocopy and matted clippingsUnknownWilliam P. Hamilton; Mrs. R.B. Scott; William Ralph Emerson; Gardiner Sherman; Col. Edward Morrell; A. E. Lawrence; Cope & Stewardson; Leighton & Davenport; Green & Reynolds; Savage & Stratton
27You Wont Forget SonogeeUnknownBar Harbor ME-CottagespamphletUnknownSonogee Mansion; Great Fire of 1974; Kent; Henry Lane Eno; Lynam B. Kendall; Louise H. Vanderbilt; Frederick W. Vanderbilt; Cornelius Vanderbilt; A. Atwater Kent
28Bangor Daily News 10/22/1947 and 11/1-2/1947Bangor Daily NewsBar Harbor ME-Firenewspaper photosClippings; wear along right edge of 10/22UnknownDow Field; Howard N. Russell; Hugh N. Kelly; Governer Horace A. Hildreth; Donald L.W. Defresne; Richard Swingart; C.F. Roland; Sheldon Goldthaite
29Bar Harbor BurningUnknown; Down East Magazine; October 1998Bar Harbor ME-FirearticleUnknown22 pagesGreat Fire 1947; Hull's Cove; Bar Harbor; Phi Kaps
30Bar Harbor BurnsUnknownBar Harbor ME-Firephotographic articleWear on all edgesUnknownMillionare's Row; Walter Damrosch; Sumner Welles; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Belmont Hotel; Malvern Hotel
31Bar Harbor: 40 Years LaterNorah Deakin Davis; Down East Magazine; Sept. 1987Bar Harbor ME-FirearticleUnknown12 pagesGreat Fire 1947; Aunt Betty Pond; Acadia National Park; A. Atwater Kent Jr.;Vanderbilt; Rockefeller, Pulitzer; Beachcroft; Chatwold; Sonogee; Jack Walls; Gladys O'Neil; DeGregoire; Belmont; Malvern; Governor Horace Hildreth; William Dolliver; Mildred Gilley; David Sleeper; Arden Peach; Hulls Cove; Ted Browning; Carroll Brown; Dr. George Snell; Camden Fire Department; Winter Harbor; Bucksport Fire Department; Millionaires' Row; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Walter Damrosch; Carl Richards; Reginald Gray; Woodlands; Leslie C. Brewer
32Bar Harbor: 40 Years LaterNorah Deakin Davis; Down East Magazine; Sept. 1988Bar Harbor ME-FirearticleUnknown32 pagesGreat Fire 1947; Aunt Betty Pond; Acadia National Park; A. Atwater Kent Jr.;Vanderbilt; Rockefeller, Pulitzer; Beachcroft; Chatwold; Sonogee; Jack Walls; Gladys O'Neil; DeGregoire; Belmont; Malvern; Governor Horace Hildreth; William Dolliver; Mildred Gilley; David Sleeper; Arden Peach; Hulls Cove; Ted Browning; Carroll Brown; Dr. George Snell; Camden Fire Department; Winter Harbor; Bucksport Fire Department; Millionaires' Row; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Walter Damrosch; Carl Richards; Reginald Gray; Woodlands; Leslie C. Brewer
33Destroyed (partial article) / Fire of '47UnknownBar Harbor ME-Firephotographic articleUnknownsee flat file storageDeGregoire Hotel; Blaine Cottage; Malvern Hotel; Belmont Hotel
34Mount Desert Island 1947 FireUnknownBar Harbor ME-FiremapUnknown
35Prologue: The Great Fire MemoirFrances Spear SeeleyBar Harbor ME-FirememoirUnknown2 copies of Bar Harbor Weather 1947 and Bar Harbor, Maine Evacuation1947; Dolliver's Dump; Salisbury Cove; Eagle lake; McFarland's Mountain; Sargent's Mountain; Acadia National Park; Mount Desert Fire Department; Park Service; David Sleeper; Hulls Cove; Breakneck; Kebo Golf House; Cadillac Mountain; Sieur de Mont Springs; Jackson Memorial Laboratory; Dow Field; Richard Walden Hale Jr.; Bar Harbor Weather 1947; Lottie Poirier; Athletic Field; Pineo House; Strawberry Hill; Bernard Hawkes; Gladys Hawks; Bar Harbor Reading Room; Perry; Susan Mitchell; Clark Coal Company; Marthe Burton; Helen Louise Cormier; Building of Arts; Miller Cottage; Belmont Hotel; Malvern Hotel; Coast Guard Cutter Laurel; Coast Guard Cutter Bibb; Samuel Mitchell Sr.; George C. Abbott; Arthur Pray; Richmond Karst; Walter S. Coates
36RFC Declares Bar Harbor Area Disaster AreaUnknownBar Harbor ME-FirearticleUnknownReconstruction Finance Corporation; Roy Haines; Dow Field; L. F. Watts; Owen Brewster
37Safe With A Few Belongings/It could Have Been WorseUnknownBar Harbor ME-Firephotographic articleUnknownE.T. Johnson; Photography
38The Bar Harbor FireSargent CollierBar Harbor ME-FirearticleUnknownFile with Mount Desert Island 1947 Fire"Mount Desert- The Most beautiful Island in the World'; Dolliver's Dump; Dow Field;Benjamin Hadley
39The Bar Harbor Fire 1947Prepared by Lieut. John Heath & Chief David A. Sleeper; Bar Harbor Fire Dept.Bar Harbor ME-Fire4 booklets & 2 photocopyDiscolotation of bookletsUnknownThe Great Fire of 1947; Dolliver's Dump; Bar Harbor Fire Department; Fresh Medow; Shea Farm; Paul Russell; Thomas Ryan; Hugh Kelly; Young's Mountain; Acadia National Park; McFarland's Hill; Aunt Betty Pond; David Sleeper; Jackson Laboratory; Athletic Field; DeGregoire Hotel; Belmont Hotel; Strawberry Hill; Sol's Cliff; Dow Field; Maine Forest Fire Service; John Heath
40The Bar Harbor Fire 1948Prepared by Lieut. John Heath & Chief David A. Sleeper; Bar Harbor Fire Dept.Bar Harbor ME-Fire5 booklets & 2 photocopyDiscolotation of bookletsUnknownThe Great Fire of 1947; Dolliver's Dump; Bar Harbor Fire Department; Fresh Medow; Shea Farm; Paul Russell; Thomas Ryan; Hugh Kelly; Young's Mountain; Acadia National Park; McFarland's Hill; Aunt Betty Pond; David Sleeper; Jackson Laboratory; Athletic Field; DeGregoire Hotel; Belmont Hotel; Strawberry Hill; Sol's Cliff; Dow Field; Maine Forest Fire Service; John Heath
41The Great Fire of '47La Rue Spiker-The Islander MagazineBar Harbor ME-Firearticle, 2 copiesUnknownsee flat file storagePhotography; Dolliver's Dump; Richard Hale; Leslie Hamor; Northeast Harbor; Belmont Hotel; David Sleeper; Jim Shea; Malvern Hotel; Athletic Field; Jackson Laboratory; Wesley Brown; Dr. Sherman Cleaves;Dr. Sadler; Dr. Charles Morrison; Arnest Cromwell; Thirlstane Cottage; Acadia National Park; Clarence Little
42The Maine Fire StoryTelephone Topics Special EditionBar Harbor ME-FirearticleSlight wearUnknown6 pagesJohn Conti Jr.; Coast Guard Cutter; Bar Harbor Central Office; Brownfield; Jackson Memorial Cancer research Laboratory; Ruth Donnell; Ada Bowden; The Sunbeam; Beatrice Foster; Viola Murphy; Ruth Wilcox; Glennis Reed; Helen Gillette; Philena Davis; Sheldon Littlefield; Ruth Emery Herbert E. Dyffell; Doris Hannaford; Clifford Hannaford; Helen McKechnie; R.L. Gardenier; H.E. Noddin; E.R. McLellan; S.C. Bigda; P. Sawyer; F.P. Desmond; R.E. Lawson
43The Mount Desert Island Fire of Oct. 17-Nov. 14 with particular reference to Acadia National ParkFred H. Arnold, Wilbur Savage, Robert Moore; U.S. Department of the InteriorBar Harbor ME-FireBooklet with mapInk bleeding2/27/1948155 pages
44Tight-Lipped Fire Evacuees Worried About Homes and KinOwen OsborneBar Harbor ME-FirearticleUnknownsee flat file storageKebo Valley Golf Club; Shirley Liscomb
45A Selected List of the Ferns and Flowering Plants of Mount Desert Island and VicinityEdgar T. Wherry; Acadia National ParkBar Harbor ME-GardenstypedDiscolotation; lower third folded upUnknown14 pagesAcadia National Park; spore plants; seed plants; flowering plants
46All in the FamilyAnne Kozak; Garden Design; Jan/Feb 1991Bar Harbor ME-GardensarticleUnknown6 pagesBetsy Collier; Sargent Collier; Mildred McCormick; Beatrix Farrand; American Society of Landscape Architects; Mizzentop; The Farm House; Gertrude Jekyll; Penelope Hobhouse; Diane Kostial McGuire; Robert Patterson; Patrick Chass‚; James Day
47Official List of Maine's Plants That Are Endangered or ThreatenedAlison Dibble and Chris Campbell; Maine State Planning Office; August 2, 1988Bar Harbor ME-Gardenstyped8/2/198818 pagesEndangered Plant Act; Alison Dibble; Dr. Christopher S. Campbell; Endangers Plant Technical Advisory Committee
48Tentative List of Species Native to Mt. Desert Available for GardensMrs. Reginald C. Robbins; The Garden Club of Mount DesertBar Harbor ME-GardenstypedDiscoloration; bent corners; and ink bleedingUnknown3 pages
49The Wild Gardens of AcadiaBetsy Mitchell; Maine Life; May/Jun 1983Bar Harbor ME-GardensarticleTearing along right edgeUnknown4 pagesGeorge B. Dorr; Sieur de Monts Spring; Lafayette National Park; Captain Benny; Edgar Wherry; Wild Flowers of Mt. Desert; Kellog award; National Council of State Garden Clubs; Azalea Gadens; Thuja Gardens; Rockefeller Gardens
50The Wild Gardens of Acadia: A Project of The Bar Harbor Garden ClubIllustrated by Ruth Soper; Acadia National Park; Jul. 1970Bar Harbor ME-Gardenspamphlet7/00/1970Sieur de Monts Spring; George B. Dorr; Acadia National Park; Harold A. Hubler; Edgar T. Wherry; Wild Flowers of Mt. Desert Island; Ruth Soper
51An Attempted Evocation of a Personality; An Appreciation of a Great Landscape Gardener-1960 (article) / To Whom It May ConcernMildred Bliss reprinted from Beatrix Jones Farrand 1872-1959; correspondence from Lisabeth Chester-Feb. 7 1994Bar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix Farrandletter00/00/1960The American Society of Landscape Architects; John Cadwalader; Arnold Arboretum; Charles Sprague Sargent; Dr. Max Farrand; Dartington Hall; World War II; Reef Point; Gertrude Jekyll; Dumbarton Oaks
52Beatrix Cadwalader JonesRobert W. PattersonBar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix Farrandphotocopied articleUnknown7 pagesAmerican Society of Landscape Architects; Charles Sprague Sargent; Achievment Medal of the Garden Club of America; Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery; Dumbarton Oaks; Mrs. Shepard Fabbri; Mrs. Vance McCormick; J. Pierpont Morgan; Mrs John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Mrs Theodore Rossevelt; Mrs. Edward T. Stotebury; Mrs. Woodrow Wilson; Reef Point Garden Corporation
53Beatrix Farrand Landscape Gardener correspondence with Mr. Sheldon Goldthwait-1959UnknownBar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix Farrandletter00/00/1959
54Farrand Beatrix Jones Landscape Architect New York & Bar Harbor 1872-1959 ; List of Beatrix Farrand's Maine ProjectsBeatrix JonesBar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix FarranddocumentUnknown
55Reef Point Gardens: Garden Guide Book Notes-circa 1948UnknownBar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix Farrandmanuscript4/1/194811 pages
56The Maine Work of Beatrix Jones FarrandEleanor M. McPeck; Maine Olmsted Alliance for Parks & Landscapes; Fall 1992Bar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix Farrandarticle00/00/1992Reef Point; Seal Harbor; Northeast Harbor; World War II; Charles Sprague Sargent; Arnold Arboretum; Lych Gate; Seal Harbor; Edgar Scott; Charles Eliot; Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.; American Society of Landscape Architects; J.P. Morgan; Edward Whitney; E.C. Bodman; William F. Apthorp; The Eyrie Garden; Abby Aldrich Rockefeller; Gertrude Jekyll; Dumbarton Oaks; Robert Patterson; Reef Point Gardens; Asticou Gardens; Thuja Gardens
57The National Part on Mount Desert IslandBeatrix FarrandBar Harbor ME-Gardens-Beatrix FarrandmanuscriptUnknownChamplain; King Henry of Navarre; Nova Scotia; Indians; Penobscot Bay; Jesuits; White Mountains; Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservation; Charles Eliot; George B. Dorr; Mrs. Charles D. Homans; John Stewart Kennedy; Franklin K. Lane
58Bar Harbor Property Values; 1984Gary R. Geaghan/Bar Harbor Town Council; Bar Harbor TimesBar Harbor ME-Governmentnewspaper supplement5/31/1984
59Downtown Parking and Traffic Study: Town of Bar Harbor Maineprepared by T.Y. Lin International; Oct. 1988Bar Harbor ME-Governmentdocument10/00/1988
60150th Maine 1820-1970 Dawn of AmericaMrs. Jeremiah Jellison; MDI Sesquicentennial CommitteeBar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneouslaminated brochureUnknown
61A Souvenir of Bar Harbor Mount Desert Island 1893W. H. ShermanBar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneouspaperbound BookSpine undone00/00/1893Photography; Green Mountain; Ocean Drive; Shore Path; U.S.S. Indians; U.S.S. Fern; U.S.S. Puritan; U.S.S. Iowa; U.S.S Dolphin; U.S.S New York; Rodick's Island; Eden Heights; Reading Room; Episcopal Church; Catholic Church; Congregational Church; Honfleur House; St. Sauveur Hotel; Sappho; Newport Mountain; Cromwell's Harbor; Llangollen; Charles Carroll Jackson; W.M. Roberts; Newport House; J.J. Emery; The Turrets; The Poplars; Louisburg Hotel; Rufus E. Shapley; Malvern Hotel; W.H. Sherman; J.C. Manchester; Kebo Valley Golf Club; Baymeath; Elsinore; Hugh McMillan; Kenarden Lodge; John S. Kennedy; Bide-A-While; J.L. Ketterlinus; Stanwood; James G. Blaine; Marlborough Hotel; Jordan Pond; Pot and Kettle Club; The Tallyrand; Marlboro Pharmacy
62Acceptance and Dedication of Rodman Cannon-Agamont Park Bar Harbor;Bar Harbor Historical SocietyBar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousbrochure4/26/1992Richard Ordway; Reverand A. Garrett III; Harriet Mitchell; Jill M. Goldthwait; Russell S. Gilmore; Chief Warrant Officer Bruce Simokat; Norma Spurling; Richard Libby; Chris Nadeau; John F. Kollman
63Bar Harbor Celebrating 200 Years in Eden;Bangor Daily News; Brian SwartzBar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousnewspaper supplement5/15/19968 pagesAbraham Somes; Somesville; Thomas Cole; Albert Higgins; Rodick House; Frank Clergue; Green Mountain Railway; Richard W. Hale Jr.; Cadillac Mountain; Sand Beach; Acadia National Park; George B. Dorr; Harry Lynam; Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservation; Sieur de Mont; Dr. S. Weir Mitchell; Morris Jesup; Dr. Robert Armory; W.H. Sherman; Wauwinet; Fresh Meadow; Great Fire of 1947; David Sleeper; Jackson Laboratory; Bluenose
64Bar Harbor -From Eden to TourismHerbert SeligmannBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknown8 pagesCadillac Mountian; Mt. Katahdin; Thomas Cole; Abenake Indians; Clara Barnes Martin; City of Richmond; Lewiston; Bangor House; Rodick House; Fish Pond; E.L. Godkin; J. Pierpont Morgan; Corsair; Cleveland Amory; Charles Eliot; Sargent Collier; Edward Beal McLean; Archbold; Edward Browning; C. Edward Shea; Reading Room; Motor Hotel; Dr. John C. Ells; "Old Mounty"; William Howard Taft; Great White Fleet; E.T. Stotesbury; Kronprinzessin Cecilie; Pulitzer; Vanderbilt; Liberty; Frank Jones; Pot and Kettle Club; Dr. Clarence C. Little; Jackson Laboratory; Kebo Valley Club; General Van Fleet; Leverett Saltonstall; John Kennedy;Bar Harbor Yacht Club;George B. Dorr; Rockefeller; Bluenose
65Bar Harbor Handicrafts (notes)/Bar Harbor Handicrafts; Jul.30, 1962UnknownBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousadvertisementsDiscolorationUnknownJesup Memorial Library
66Bar Harbor: A Resort is BornRichard A. Savage; New England Galaxy; Spring 1977Bar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknownThomas Cole; Henry Pratt; Southwest Harbor; Lynam Homestead; John Lynam; Luman Reed; William P. van Rensselaer; William Cullen Bryant; Thomas Doughty; Benjamin Campeny; Jogn Kensett; Fritz Hugh Lane; Frederic Edwin Church; Charles Temple Dix; Albert Higgins; Professor Alexander Bache; Southwest Harbor; Tobias Roberts; Agamont House; Robert Carter; Newport House; Ephraim Alley; Mountain House; Daniel Brewer; Green Mountain House; Louis Agassiz; James Harmor; Harmor House; David Rodick; Shores Acre; Dr. Hasket Derby; Charles Tracy; Minot Cottage; Weld Cottage; Casa Par Niente; William Rice; John Pierpont Morgan; Fleet Commodore Follett; Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell; Alpheus Hardy; Rodick House; Montgomery Sears; Gouverneur Ogden; Bay View Hotel; Captain Charles Deering; Rockland; T.F. Secor; Machias Steamboat Company; Lewiston; the Rockaway;
67Bar Harbor-A Wild Weird Tale of Love and AdventureAmos Lee; A.N. Kellogg Newspaper Company 1887Bar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousnewspaperExteremly DELCATEUnknownCome back to after better archival storage solution
68Bar Island BrouhahaGladys O'Neil; Downeast MagazineBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknown3 pagesBar Harbor; Gouldsboro; Flora Rodick Pineo; Porcupine Islands; Richard Plante; bar Harbor Yacht Club; Daniel Rodick; David Rodick; David Rodick Jr.; Rodick House; Milton Rodick; Charles Rodick; Bar Harbor Kennels; The Bungalow; Mrs. Horation Nelson Slater; Paul Hunt; Edward Stotesbury; Mt. Desert Canoe Club; Penobscot; Passamaquoddy; John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Acadia National Park
69Cannon in the DooryardFrank Matter; The Islander MagazineBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknown2 pagesPhotography; George Hale; Schooner Head; Havanna Harbor; Turtle Island; Egg Rock; William Dolliver
70Catalogue of the Davis Bar Harbor Buckboard Co.W.H. DavisBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousbookletWear to cover and pages; water damage.Unknown52 pagesPhotography; James W. Davis; Pot and Kettle Club;Reading Room; Buckboard;Balance Rock; U.S.S. Dolphin; Eagle Lake; Newport House; Jordan Pond; Bar Harbor Horse Show; Davis Bar Harbor Buckboard Factory; Northeast Harbor
71Fifty-Sixth Anniversary of the Maine Dental SocietyMaine Dental Society; Jun 21-23, 1921Bar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousbookletLight wear to spine and cornersUnknown44 pagesPhotography; George E. Dow; Lamson Print; Dr. C.B. Leighton; Newport house; C.A. Wescott; Balance Rock; Shore Path; Building of the Arts; Kebo Valley Golf Club; jordan Pond; the Bubbles
72Green Mountain RailwayFrank Matter; The Islander Magazine; Jul. 1981Bar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousarticle07/00/1981Eagle Lake; Wauwinnet; Cadillac Mountain; Francis Clergue; Walter H. Dunton; A.F. Hilton; Hannibal Hamlin; Summit House; Richard Harmor; Hinckly and Egery Iron Works; City of Richmond; Stella Lee
73Green Mountain RailwayRichard F. Dole; Maine Life MagazineBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknownCadillac Mountain; Francis Clergue; W.B. Hayford; Mt. Washington; Eagle Lake; European and North American railway. F.W. Cram; W.E. Mansur; Summit House; Katahdin; Kinkley and Egery Iron Works; Wauwinet; General B.F. Butler; E. Moody Boynton; Pentucket Navigation Company; Manchester Locomotive Works; Stella Lee; A.S. Randall; Hannibal Hamlin
74Historic Bar Harbor PhotosUnknownBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousbookletFragileUnknown46 pagesPhotography; Fred L. Savage; Pot and Kettle Club; Mosley Hall; Mrs. W.B. Howard; Reverie Cove; Mrs. May C. Jones; The Turrets; J.J. Emery; Newport House; W.M. Roberts; Llangollen; Eagle Lake; Mrs. Charles Carroll Jackson; Anemone Cave; Ocean Drive; Rodick's Island; Belmont Hotel; J.C. Manchester; Loiusburg; M.L. Balch; Stanwood; James G. Blaine; Bide-A-While; J.L. Ketterlinus; Bar Harbor Horse Show; Balance Rock; Pot and Kettle Club; W.H. Sherman; Mrs. Burton Harrison; Sappho; Shore Path; Honfluer House; Herbert Parsons; Devilstone; Clement B. Newbold; The Ovens; Malvern Hotel; St. Sauveur Hotel; Sir F.G.D. Bedford
75I was a Bar Harbor BellhopFranc Ladner; Down East Magazine; April 1996Bar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousarticle04/00/1996St. Sauveur Hotel; Newport House; J.T. Morse; Great Depression; Dennis Cremins; Martin Van Buren
76Letter from Bar Harbor July 3 1913MiloBar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousletter and copyDiscolorationUnknown5 pages
77Maine Summer Visitors Day-Bar Harbor ME; Aug. 16 1935UnknownBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneouspamphletDiscoloration and ink bleedingUnknownWalter Damrosch; Leighton Rollins; Mrs. John DeWitt Peltz; Elsa Frame; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Bishop William A. Lawrence
78Post from the PastEllen MacDonald Ward; Down East Magazine; April 2002Bar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousarticle04/00/2002Louisburg Hotel; Earl Brechlin
79The Bar Harbor Auto WarRichard A. Savage; Down East Magazine; Aug. 1975Bar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousarticle8/00/19757 pagesGus Hanson; Fordham C. Mahoney; Village Improvement Property Owners Association; Goerge B. Dorr; Cottager J.P. Bass; David Hennen Morris; Automobile Club of America
80The Bar Harbor ExpressRoger B. Buettell; Yankee Magazine; Aug. 1967Bar Harbor ME-History-Miscellaneousarticle08/00/19696 pagesMount Desert Ferry; Civil War; Maine Central; James G. Blaine Jr.; Mrs. Henry Cabot Lodge; Benjamin Harrison, Mrs. James G. Blaine; James G. Blaine; Miss Margaret Blaine; Margaret Damrosch; Henry Cabot Lodge; Walker Blaine; John Pierpont Morgan; Charles Eliot; John S. Kennedy; E.T. Stotesbury; Schuyler Schieffelin; Potter Palmer; Edsel Ford; A. Atwater Kent; T. DeWitt Cuyler; John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Joseph Pulitzer; Mary Roberts Rhinehart; Damrosch; Leopold Stokowski; Robert A. Taft; Kenarden; Robert W. Fenlason; Charles Whitehouse; William G. Marston; E. spencer Miller
81The Calm Before the StormEllen MacDonald Ward; Down East Magazine; July 1996Bar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknown1 pageShaenandoah; S.S. Patoka; Calvin Coolidge; Ralph Owen; Nessie Ross; Poland Spring; Pot and Kettle Club; John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Malvern Hotel; Commander Zachary Lansdowne
82The Morning Dawn: Bar Harbor Maine (A very comprehensive Poem illustrating and describing the scenic beauty of the United States)by The Reverend Leonard W.A. Luckey Ph.D.; 1923Bar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousbookletDiscoloration00/00/192336 pagesLafayette National Park; The Queen of Resorts; Otter Creek Cliffs; Sieur De Monts Spring; Green Mountain; Cadillac Mountain; Flying Squadron; Dry Mountain; Compass Harbor; East Steamship Corporation; Maine Central Railroad; Mount Desert Ferry; Eagle Lake; Malvern Hotel; St. Sauveur Hotel; Newport House; Belmont Hotel; Lorraine Hotle; DeGregoire House; Parker House; Eastern Yatch Club; Kebo Valley Golf Club; Morrell Park Riding School; Kennedy Athletic Field; Building of the Arts; United States Naval Radio Station at Otter Cliff; Alessandro Fabbri; Weir Mitchell Station for Biological Research; Dr. S. Weir Mitchell; Baptist Church; Congregational Church; Episcopal Church; Methodist Church; Unitarian Church; Christian Science Reading Room;
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85Victory Road: the Proposed New Approach to Bar HarborBar Harbor LifeBar Harbor ME-History-MiscellaneousarticleUnknownMaine Central Railroad; Eastern Steamship Company; Birch Point; Albert Meadow; Balance Rock; Fred L. Savage; Newport Hotel
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87Newport House and CottagesW.M. RobertsBar Harbor ME-HotelsbookWear along spineUnknown28 pagesQueen of Eastern Summer Resorts; Eagle Lake; Ladies' Club; Mt. Desert Reading Room; Lilac Cottage; Cadillac Cottage; Whittington Annex; Maple Cottage; Kathleen Cottage; Bar Harbor Horse Show; Marlborough Annex; H.P. Higgins;
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90The Highseas Estate; History of HighseasAcadia National Park; Arthur and Isabelle Stover; Kathryn MittelbergerBar Harbor ME-Jackson LaboratoryarticleUnknown
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92A Century of Hope: 100 Years of Maine Sea Coast Mission; Ellsworth American/Mount Desert Islander; Jul. 7 2005Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander; Catherine RussellBar Harbor ME-Maine Sea Coast Missionnewspaper supplement07/7/2005Photography; Alexander MacDonald; Angus MacDonald; Down East Maine; Henry H. White; Hope; Morning Star; Bishop Alexander McKay; Sunbeam; John S. Kennedy; Cadillac Mountain; Sharon Daley; Island Health Services Program; Frenchboro; Matinicus; Swans Island; Isle au Haut; Southwest Harbor; Rockland; Reverand Charles Turner; Prince Edward Island; Congregational Church; George V. Lane; Neal Bousfield; Sigma Kappa Sorority; Dr. Ralph W. Wakefield; Edith Drury; Maude Douglass; Myrtice D. Cheney; Anson Williams; Alice M Peasley; Jack Drake; Orville J. Guptill; Weald Bethel; Hannah Powell; David Allen; William Berry; Tristram C. Colket Jr.; Reverand Gary DeLong; Ted Hoskins; Edward S. Greaves; Charlie Harrington; Wendy Harrington; D.W. Merritt School; Mildred Robinson; Deer Isle; Crotch Island; Sunbeam III; Dr. Henry Vandyke; Little Ship Sunbeam; Albert Condon; Sunbeam II; Henry G. Marr Shipyard; World War II; Blount Marine; Sunbeam IV; Sunbeam V; Boothbay Harbor; Betty Allen; Ray Blaisdell; Tony Burkart; Gena Norgard; The edGE program
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97Ball Given by Bar Harbor Relief Association August 29, 1918UnknownBar Harbor ME-MDI HospitalpamphletStains on front and backUnknown
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99Hospital Entertainment - Bar Harbor Casino August 27, 1904UnknownBar Harbor ME-MDI HospitalpamphletLight wear along edgesUnknownPhotography; Bar Harbor Casino
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102Bar Harbor An Island in the SeaJohn J. Friend-BangorBar Harbor ME-MemoirspoemBottom section of poem torn offUnknownGreen Mountain; Livingston; McLean; Mosseley Hall; James O'Brien; Colonel Morrill; Edgar Scott; Gurnee; John Kennedy; Bowen
103Bar Harbor LifeRichard SavageBar Harbor ME-Memoirstyped manuscriptDiscoloration; wear on top and bottom edgesUnknown24 pages; Signature of Richard Savage and notes in blue inkMap; Thomas Cole; Grand Central; Malvern Hotel; Belmont Hotel; Louisburg Hotel; George Vanderbilt; Morgan; Joseph Pulitzer; Vincent Astor; Kebo Valley Country Club; Pot and Kettle Club; Mount Desert Reading Room; Admiral Sampson; New York Yacht Club; C.V. Gridley; W.S. Schley; President Arthur; President Taft; Dispatch; Ossipee; Lafayette National Park; George M. McFadden; Edward T. Stotesbury; Atwater Kent; Walter Hagen; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Bar Harbor Club; First Squadron of the North Atlantic Fleet; Kronprinzessin Cecile; World War I; Ledyard Blair; Androscoggin; Mohawk; Norma; U.S.S. Warrington; Ernesto G. Fabbri; Dr. John B. Ells; U.S.S. Langley; Capetown; Photography; Sir Richard Symonds-Taylor; DeGregoire Hotel; U.S.S. Constitution; Ville d'Ys; Dupleix; H.M.S. Danae; H.M.S. Norfolk; U.S.S. Indianapolis; Louis J. Brann; J.M. Smeallie; World War II; Owen Brewster; Missouri; Charles Coburn; Dorothy Lamour; Lakewood Theater
104Bar Harbor Seventy Years AgoPrall Grant BaconBar Harbor ME-Memoirs2 typed manuscriptsDiscolorationUnknown5 pages; photocopy; edits in red inkGreen Mountain; Gouldsboro Hills; Albert Meadow; Balance Rock; Alpheus Hardy; Pulpit Rock; Cadillac Mountain; Higgins; Captain Deering; Richardson; Grant
105Bertie Vamps Bar HarborNan Lincoln; Down East Magazine; 1992Bar Harbor ME-Memoirsarticle00/00/19926 pagesGrand Central Hotel; Huybertie Pruyn; Mount Desert Ferry; James G. Blaine; Kebo Valley Club; Rodick House; Edgemere Cottage; Louise DeKoven Bowen; Baymeath; Hulls Cove; Pot and Kettle Club; Lord and Lady Randolph Spencer Churchill; Mavroyeni Bey; Chatwold; Joseph Pulitzer
106Childhood Days in Bar HarborCathleen Sherman ClaytonBar Harbor ME-MemoirsmemoirDiscoloration and light wear on left edgeUnknown4 pages; author signatureWalter Damrosch; George Harris; Lorraine Hotel; Royeden; Belmont Hotel; Malvern Hotel; St. Saviours; Harry Willey; Wash Grant; Dr. C.C. Morrison; Alma Farrar; Sister Josephine; Steve Kingsley; John D. Rockefeller; Athletic Field; Ed Douglas; Lyford Woodward; Harry Hamer; Old Newport House; Building of Arts; Mary Moore; Shirley Johnston; Jess Higgins; Harry Johnston; Frank Carroll; Bees; Lufkin; Phillip Livingston; JOrdan Pond; Bubble Pond; McIntire; Clara Norris; Joe Emery; Hilda Emery; Hilda Meyer Davis; Suer de Mont Springs; Thunder Hole; J.T. Morse
107I Remember Breaking Bread with a RusticatorSylvia M. Kurson; Down East Magazine; June 1979Bar Harbor ME-Memoirsarticle06/00/1979Rusticator; YWCA; Belleview
108I Remember the Green Mountain FireEdith B. Guth; Down East Magazine; May 1967Bar Harbor ME-Memoirsarticle5/00/19671 pageGreen Mountain Railway; Eagle Lake; Cadillac Mountain;
109Memories of Old Bar Harbor Mt. Desert IslandCathleen S. Clayton; Down East Magazine; July 1976Bar Harbor ME-Memoirsarticle07/00/1976Albion Sherman; Bill Sherman; The Eyrie; Archbald Cottege; Chatwald; Wingwood House; Rodick Hotel; Kimball House; Northeast Harbor; Cathleen Sherman Clayton; J.T. Morse; Captain Joe Morton; Royeden; Lorraine Hotel; Louisburg Hotel; Kebo Valley Club; Kronprinzessin Cecelie; Asticou Inn
110Old Bar Harbor DaysMarian L. Peabody; Down East MagazineBar Harbor ME-MemoirsarticleUnknown11 pagesPot and Kettle Club; Eyrie; Lynam Hotel; Parker Cottage; William Morris Hunt; Dr. Weir Mitchell, George Bowdoin; Dr. Robert Abbe; Johnston Livingston; Count and Countess de Laugiers-Villars; Morris K. Jesup; Dr. Hasket Derby; John Kane; Edward Cole; John Markoe; Gouverneur Odgen; Vanderbilt; jordan House Pond; Eagle Lake; the Ovens; Otter Cliffs; Kebo Valley Golf Club; Robin Hood Park; David Rockefeller; J.P. Morgan; Kronprinzessin Cecilie; Ernesto and Alessandro Fabbri
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112103rd Annual Report of the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association; Aug. 17 1995Bar Harbor Village Improvement AssociationBar Harbor ME-Organizationsbooklet8/17/199510 pagesSheldon Goldthwait Jr; Leslie Brewer; Shore Path; Nathaniel Fenton; Acadia National Park; Charles T. How; Bruce Jacobson; Jim Campbell; Bar Habor Inn; MacNamara; Phillip R. Cunningham; Gladys F. O'Neil; Congregational Church; Albert Bee; William Graham Jr.
113Bar Harbor Banking and Trust CompanyBar Harbor Bank and Trust CompanyBar Harbor ME-OrganizationsbookletUnknown32 pagesPhotography; Juliette Nickerson; George H. Grant; Grand Central Hotel; Harmor; Leeds; Rodick House; Tobias Roberts; Agamont House; Green Mountain Railway; David Rodick; Deering House; Oasis Club; Canoe Club; Green Mountain; Belmont Hotel; Alpheus Hardy; Stephen Higgins; Giles Snow; Fred C. Lynam; Lynam House; George H. Grant; Andrew P. Wiswell; L.B. Deasy; John T. Higgins; E.H. Greeley; Dr. J.S. Moore; Charles T. How; L.A.Emery; Byron Boyd; Dr. C.C. Morrison; Reverand C.S. Leffingwell; Edmund Pendleton; Edith Staples; John Staples; J.S. Kennedy; Kenarden Ledge; Baymeath; Joseph Tilton Bowen; Charles C. Jackson; J.L. Ketterlinus; Joseph Pulitzer; Chatwold; James A. Garland; Edgar Scott; Bar Harbor Club; Canoe Club; Pot and Kettle Club; Bar Harbor Yatch Club; General Thomas H. Hubbard; Maurice K. Jesup; John S. Kennedy; Henry Morgenthau; Frank B. Noyes; Herbert L. Satterlee; William Jay Schieffelin; E.T. Stotesbury; John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Arthur Train; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Reverand William Lawrence; Reverand William Appleton Lawrence; Jane Addams; Francis Howe Johnson; Dr. Clarence Little; Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler; Dr. Charles Eliot; Ernest M. Hopkins; Walter Damrosch; Reginald DeKoven; Fritz Kreisler; Courtland Palmer; Ernest Schelling; Leopold Stokowski; Olga Samaroff; Dave Hennen Morris; Peter Augustus Jay; John T. Dorrance; Francis Burton Harrison; Henry F. Dimock; John Sargent; President Roosevelt; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Campobello Island; B.M. Pike; R.J. Peacock; F.M. Tucker; Daniel Osgood; George Stevens; George B. Dorr; Seir de Mont National Monument; Roscoe B Jackson Memorial Laboratory; Julia Manchester
114By-Laws of the George Edwin Kirk Post No. 25 The American LegionThe American LegionBar Harbor ME-OrganizationsbookletWater marks on coverUnknown11 pagesJ. Albert Stevens; James T. Lofgren Sr.; Morris M. Gilley
115Hancock County Boy's Conference YMCA; 1918UnknownBar Harbor ME-Organizationsbooklet00/00/1918J.C. Smith; C.F. Hosmer; S.J. Robbins; O.A. Morton; A.A. Heald; I.H. Meredith; "Building, Daily Building"; "Christiam Warfair"; "Sound the Battle Cry"; W.F. Sherwin; "Love and Loyalty"; H.F. Hemy; "Trial and Battle"; H.S. Culter; "The Little Brown Church"; Dr. Willia S. Pitts; Clark Memorial Church
116Hip Boots and TuxesNan Lincoln; Downeast Magazine; February 1994Bar Harbor ME-OrganizationsarticleUnknown2 pagesHayseeder' Way Bak Ball; Mrs. Atwater Kent; Mrs. Warner Leeds; Mrs. Dorothea Fremont-Smith; Roger Cunningham; George McKay; augustus Thorndick
117Officers of the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association prepared by Gladys O'NeilUnknownBar Harbor ME-OrganizationsdocumentUnknownParke Godwin; William Rice; L.B. Deasy; Morris k. Jesup; Joseph Wood; F.C. Lynam; E.S. Lyon; Elihu M. Hamor; Gardiner Sherman; Reverand William Lawrence; John S. kennedy; A.H. Lynam; H. Jacques; George B. Dorr; Leonard Opdyke; H.M. Conners
118The Dandelion LadiesNan Lincoln; Downeast Magazine; May 1994Bar Harbor ME-PeoplearticleUnknown2 pagesMount Desert Island; Town Hill; Super's Junkin; Rose Giles; Pat Burns; Betty Walls; Photography
119Who Killed Captain Rumill?Nan Lincoln; Down East MagazineBar Harbor ME-Peoplearticle9/00/19895 pagesEdwin B. Rumill; Pretty Marsh; Edna Rumill Hysom; Harry A. Berwind; William Gray; John Smith; Blanche; Joseph B. Rumill; Lettie Rumill; Loren Rumill; Blanche H. King; J.W. Taylor; Henry Scott; Charles E. Blanche; Monhegan; M.B. Millen; U.S.S. Nero
120Bar Harbor Club; 1930, 1932UnknownBar Harbor ME-Places2 booksUnknown36 pagesEdward T. Stotesbury; Potter Palmer; John S. Rogers; Cecil Barret; Oliver G. Hall; Parker Corning; Harold A. Howard; Phoenix Ingraham; J.L. Ketterlinus; Charles L McCawley; George G. McMurtry; William McNair; Charles B. Pike; Joseph Pulitzer; John S.Rogers; Chester P. Barnett; Joseph T. Bowen Jr. A. Atwater Kent
121Bar Harbor's Grant ParkGladys O'NeilBar Harbor ME-PlacesarticleUnknownHarold Grant; Albert Meadow; Stephen Higgins; Alpheus Hardy; Jock Darling; Lake Nicatous; Village Improvement Association; Newport Hotel; Sand beach; Mt. Desert Reading Room; Bar Harbor Land Company; Bar Harbor Hotel Corporation
122Bar Harbor's Vanished Temple to the ArtsGladys O'Neil; Down East MagazineBar Harbor ME-PlacesarticleUnknown2 pagesBuilding of the Arts; Guy Lowell; Kebo Valley Club; Jose Iturbi; Fritz Kreisler; Vanderbilt; Pierpont Morgan; Robert McCormicks; Joseph Pulitzer; Emilio De Gorgoza; Ernest Schelling, Paderewiski; Walter Damrosch; Ted Shawn; Josef Hofmann
123Businesses-BuildingGladys O'NeilBar Harbor ME-PlacesdocumentUnknown13 typed pages; writen notes in pencil and blue inkCadillac Motel; Murch's Restaurant; Shelton Plumbing Company; S.&G. Fish Market; Olmstead Antiques; Ambrose Higgins; The Handicrafter Gallery; Bee's; Sherman's Book Store; Criterion; McFarland Funeral Home; Jesup Memorial Library; Churches; Hotels; Inns; Restaurants;
124Comfortably QuirkyKim Ridley; Down East Magazine September 2005Bar Harbor ME-PlacesarticleUnknown2 pagesCaf‚ This Way; Restaurant; Bar Harbor; College of the Atlantic;Susanne Hathaway; Julie Harris; Julie Berberian; Photography
125Equestrian Extravaganza (Robin Hood Park)La Rue Spiker; Down East Magazine; Aug. 1967Bar Harbor ME-Placesarticle00/00/19674 typed pagesJ.P. Morgan; Andrew Carnegie; Jacob Schiff; John S. Kennedy; Vnderbilt; Horse; Equestrian; Bar Harbor Board of Trade; Bar Harbor Horse Show;
126Green Reynolds Building / Old Schoolhouse / Mt. Desert Inn;Bangor Daily News 2/7/64Bar Harbor ME-PlacesarticleUnknown4 newspaper clippingsTripp's Restaurant; Axton Cross Corporation; Shelton Construction; Harry Copp; Murch's restaurant; John E. Clark; St Saviour Church; Frank Alley; John C. Etter; H.W. Harrington; Alexander Weeks
127Teeing Off Down Memory LaneMichel Brosnan; Down East Magazine; July 1991Bar Harbor ME-Placesarticle7/00/19912 pagesKebo Valley Club; President William Howard Taft; Charles Pike; Sir Harry Oakes; Roscoe Jackson; Earl Marshall; Ernest Kanzler; John T. Dorrance; Edsel B. Ford; William Fenton; Warren Bates
128The Building of ArtsGladys O'NeilBar Harbor ME-Placesxerox copy of articleUnknown3 pages
129The Kebo Valley Club Bar Harbor Maine 1888-1948; 1948The Kebo Valley ClubBar Harbor ME-PlacesbookletWear on left and right edges00/00/1948Mrs. Charles B. Pike; Robert Amory; Waldron Bates; A. Howard Henkle; Edmund Pendleton; T.S. Condon; Acadia Park Company; Mt. Desert Reading Room; Charles T. How; DeGrasse Fox; Johnstone Livingstone; James T. Woodward; Edward Coles; Walter S. Gurnee; Walter Langdon; Luciline A. Emery; Alpheus Hardy; West End Hotel; Malvern Hotel; Louisburg Hotel; Hamilton Hotel; Marlborough Hotel; Mt. Desert Canoe Club; Dr. Robert Amory; Green Mountain Railroad Company; Oasis Club; Josiah Black; Ezra Young; Levi Higgins; John Hamor; John Thomas; Elisha Cousins; Abraham Somes; Thomas Wasgatt; Ebenezer Salisbury; Daniel Rodick; Israel Higgins; Wiliam Lynam; Timothy Smallidge; Joseph Hopkins; Tobias Roberts; Deering House; Madame Marie Therese de Gregoire; Bartholomew de Gregoire; Arden M. Robbins; Christine Biddle; Emily Graham; Emily Neilson; Adele Horwitz; Fannie Milliken; Joel Harmon Reed; N.A. Farwell; George B. Dorr; Gardiner Sherman; George Vanderbilt; J.S. Kennedy; Kenarden Lodge; J.J. Emery; Turrets; James G. Blaine; Morris K. Jesup; Dr. Hasket Derby; David B. Ogden; Joseph Pulizer; William h. Vanderbilt; George N. Jordan; Daniel Brewer; J.S. Jordan; J.L. Ketterlinus; Augustus Thorndike; Roscoe B. Jackson; Fred C. Lynam; J. Montgomery Sears; Henry L. Eno; Ernest Fabbri; Thomas DeWitt Cuyler
130The Pot and Kettle 1899-1987UnknownBar Harbor ME-PlacesbookletUnknownPhotography; John Harrison; J.C. Mercer Biddle; Edgar Scott; Hebert Parsons; Edward Morrell; DeGrasse Fox; Antonio Y. Stewart; Luere B. Deasy; William T. Haines; W.B. Campbell; William G. Foulke; Schofield Andrews Jr. Alexander B. Wheeler; Charles K. Foster Jr.; Rosecrans Baldwin; Morris C. Kellett; A. Atwater Kent Jr.; James T. Pyle; Leonard Silk; James Russell Wiggins; Robert E. Garrity; Carl A. Gray; Orton P. Jackson; Moorhead C. Kennedy; Bar Harbor Reading Room; Harry S. Truman; John F. Kennedy; Robley D. Evens; Richard E. Byrd; Charles W. Eliot; Learned Hand; Henry VanDyke; Gyalsay Palden Thondup Namgyal; George G. McMurtry; World War I; World War II; Boyd Lee Spahr; Clarence C. Little; Amos Eno
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134Class of 1932UnknownBar Harbor ME-Schoolsbooklet and photographsBack cover tornUnknownPhotography
135Commencement Exercises - Class of 1920 - Bar Harbor High SchoolUnknownBar Harbor ME-SchoolsbookletCover torn; wear on right edge00/00/1920Mildred Higgins; Alton Douglas; Philip Every; Carl Young; Jack Jellison; Madeline Nason; F.E. McGouldrick; L.B. Deasy; Kathleen Harriman
136Commencement Exercises - Class of 1927 - Bar Harbor High SchoolBar Harbor High SchoolBar Harbor ME-SchoolsbookletTearing along right edgeUnknownZelma McKay; Elwood Frye; Marguerite Robichaud; Hilda Baker; george b. Beard; Clarice Getchell; Raymond Lear; Harry Lynam
137Orange and the Black (Princeton)UnknownBar Harbor ME-Schoolssheet music & wordsUnknownLyrics; Yale; Harvard; Princeton
138A Tragedy at Mt. Desert FerryGladys O'Neil; Bar Harbor Times; Sept. 1, 1977Bar Harbor ME-Ships and Boatsarticle00/00/1977North Atlantic Squadron; William Sampson; Sappho
139Better Boats for a Better Clientele ; Capt. Jordan BensonUnknownBar Harbor ME-Ships and BoatsflyerUnknown
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142Alarums and Excursion: An Amusement Record of Mt. Desert IslandTom Morgan, Gordon Torrey, Norman Torrey, and Tom Kelley; 1935Bar Harbor ME-TheaternewspaperWear along all edges; cover torn; delicateUnknownWalter Damrosch; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Governor Brann; Leighton Rollins; John DeWitts Peltz; Carroll Brown; Tobias Roberts; Ralph Masterman; Rachel McKelvey; Margaret Anglin; Raymond Moore; Photography; Edith Corbin; Thomas Morgan; Isabelle Kimpal
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144Bar Harbor Choral Society; Aug. 27 1913Maurice C. Rumsey conductorBar Harbor ME-TheaterbookletWear on spineUnknownBuilding of Arts; Mabelle Monaghan Swan; Frederic Kennedy; Howard R. Stevens; Adelnia M. Connell
145Casino Carousel; Bar Harbor; 1950UnknownBar Harbor ME-TheaterbookletUnknownTesta's Hotel Restaurant Cocktail Lounge; Advertisement
146Eighteenth Annual Concert and Ball of the Bar Harbor Fire Department at the Casino;Mount Desert Isle Chapter of the N.S.D.A.R.; Aug. 24 1911Bar Harbor ME-TheaterbookletWear along all edges; discoloration9/1/1987Fountain Rodick Engine Co. No. 1; Mt. Desert Hose Co. No. 1; W.M. Roberts Hook and Ladder Company; First National Bank; Photography; M.C. Morrison; Roy Hamor; Frank E. Whitmore; Harold F. Carter; Lawrence Emery; Lester P. Carter; I.E. Parker; E.A. Graham; John W. Silk; Reginald Ingalls; Bert C. Sleeper; Karl Burr; George L. Parks; Arthur E. McQuinn; Chas A. Haywood; Herbert T. Wilber
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149Tragedy in Bar HarborEllen MacDonald Ward; Down East Magazine; August 2003Bar Harbor ME-TheaterarticleUnknown1 pageBuilding of the Arts; Mrs. Robert Abbe; George B. Dorr; George Vanderbilt; Emma Eames
150When Hollywood Came to Bar HarborGladys O'Neil; Down East MagazineBar Harbor ME-TheaterarticleUnknown4 pagesSand Beach; Annette Kellerman; Kronprinzessin Cecilie; Queen of the Sea; Anemone Cave; Sprouting Horn; Schooner Head; Ocean Drive; St. Sauveur Hotel; Alessandro Fabbri; John Adolphi; John Ogden; Henry Satterlee; YMCA
1511987 Boat Cruises and FerriesUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismlistUnknownAcadia Boat Tours & Charters Inc.; Acadia Whalewatch; Bass Harbor Cruise; Beal and Bunker Co.; Blackjack 33 ft. Friendship Sloop; Bluenose Ferry; Codfish; Deep Sea Fishing Masako Queen; Frenchman's Bay Boating Company; Golden Anchor Sloop; Great Harbor Charters; Gullhaven; Isle au Haut Company; Islesford Ferry Co.; Janet May; Maine Whalewatch; Natalie Todd 3 masted schooner; Pan-Scandinavian Coastal Sailboat; Sea Princess; Sunrise 36 foot lobster boat; Swan's Island Ferry
152Acadia National Park Souvenir MapMaine Scene Inc.Bar Harbor ME-TourismmapUnknown
153Acadia National Park's Wildwood StableUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownmap
154Adventures in AcadiaWest Street Caf‚Bar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownmap; advertisements
155Bar Harbor Observes 150th Birthday;Bangor Daily News; Jul. 30 1946Bar Harbor ME-TourismarticleDiscoloration and some tearing along edges00/00/1946Charles V. Kihlmire; Sieur de Monts; Somes Sound; Alpheus Hardy; Agamont House; J.C. Caldwell; Newport Hotel; Daniel Webster; John S. Kennedy; Joseph Pulitzer; William Vanderbilt; William C. Whitney; Potter Palmer; Evalyn Walsh McLean; A. Atwater Kent; Robert Hall McCormick; Walter Damrosch; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Edward T. Stotesbury; Arthur Train; Sir Harry Oakes; Reginald DeKoven; Tobias Roberts; E.G. DesIsles; J.B. DesIsles; Benjamin Kitteridge; Richard Kitteridge; A.L. Higgins; Green Mountain Railroad; Frank Klerg; Joe Miller; Eliza Homans; Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservation
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157Downeast Maine's Schoodic PeninsulaSchoodic Peninsula Chamber of CommerceBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownSchoodic Penninsula; Gouldsboro; Summer Harbor; Gerrichville; Grindstone Neck; Egg Rock Lighthouse; Acadia National Park; Winter Harbor Lighthouse; Wonsqueak Harbor; Bunker's Harbor; Birch Harbor; Prospect Harbor; Prospect Harbor Lighthouse; Corea
158Family Campsite Reservations 1987National Park ServiceBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownAcadia National Park
159Jordan Pond Restaurant and Gift ShopUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknown
160Latitude 44 WindsurfingUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknown
161Maps of Hancock County with Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Bucksport, and Stonington, MaineUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismmapUnknown
162Mount Desert OceanariumUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknown
163National Park Canoe RentalsMaine Wilderness Paddlers Inc.Bar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknown
164Private Campgrounds in the Vicinity of Acadia National ParkUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismlistUnknown
165Scenic Flights; Charter FlightsAcadia Air Inc.Bar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownBar Harbor; Somes Sound; Mount Desert Island; Penobscot; Tunk Mountain
166Stanwood Wildlife SanctuaryUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownBirdsacre Sanctuary; Stanwood Homestead Museum; Wildlife Recovery Center; Cordelia Stanwood; Roswell Stanwood; Sally Hutchins; Glen Dalton; Adelle Day
167The Acadia ShopsUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownJordan Pond House; Melvan Tibbetts; Thomas McIntire; John D. Rockefeller Jr.
168The Blue Duck Ship's Store and the Islesford Historic MuseumEastern National Park and Monument AssociationBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownLittle Cranberry Island; Edwin Hadlock; Gilbert Hadlock; William Hadlock; George Hadlock; Dr. William Otis Sawtelle
169The Great Harbor Collection at the Old Firehouse MuseumUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknownAntoine Laumet; Sieur de Cadillac; Sullivan River; La Mothe de Cadillac; Richard Haynes; Samuel Eliot Morison;
170Wendell Gilley MuseumWendell Gilley MuseumBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknown
171Whale Watch, Nature Cruises, and Bird WatchUnknownBar Harbor ME-TourismpamphletUnknown
1721987 Publication ListUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknown
173AcadiaNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
174AcadiaNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkmapUnknown
175Acadia National Park Boundary MapNational Park Service; U.S. Department of the Interior; 1986Maine-Acadia National Parkmapslight wear along folded edges5/00/19862 sheets - Prepared by the Office of History and HIstoric Architecture Eastern Service Center Washington D.C.
176Acadia National Park Checklist of Common Flowering PlantsNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
177Acadia National Park Fact SheetNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown2 pages
178Acadia National Park Group Camping Reservation InformationUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
179Acadia National Park HistoryUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownAbnaki Indians; Penobscot; Passamaquoddy; Samuel de Champlain; Fernald Point; Samuel Argall; Antoine Laumet; Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac; Francis Bernard; Abraham Somes; James Richardson; Thomas Cole; Frederic Church; Rockefeller; Vanderbilt; Carnegie; Astor; Great Depression; George B. Dorr; Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservation; President Wilson; Lafayette National Park
180Acadia National Park Visitor Center Employee Phone Number ListUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParklistUnknown
181Acadia National Park: A Geological SummaryUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownSand Beach
182Acadia National Park: A Historical SketchNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkbookletUnknown24 pagesSieur de Monts; Bay of Fundy; Deep Bay; Sieur de la Mothe Cadillac; Sir Francis Bernard; Fort William; Marie de Cadillac; de Gregoire; Charles Tracy; J. Pierpont Morgan; Frederick Church; John Brent; Theodore Winthrop; Schooner Head; George B. Dorr; Eastern Steamship Lines; Jordan Pond House; Malvern Hotel; Moosehead Lake; Katahdin; Dr. Robert Abbe; Islesford; Little Cranberry Island; William Otis Sawtelle
183Acadia? A Boyhood Dream Come True: Dedication of Cadillac Mountain RoadMaine Highways August 1932; B. Morton HaveyMaine-Acadia National Parkmagazinediscoloration; notes in pencil and blue inkUnknown36 pagesGeorge Bucknam Dorr; Franklin K. Lane; Oliver Wendell Holmes
184Acadia's Forgotten LakesJoshua F. Moore; Down East Magazine; June 2008Maine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown4 pagesJordan Pond; Jordan Pond House; Echo Lake; Long Pond; Eagle Lake; Seal Cove Pond; Photography
185Acadia's Memorial Pathsby Gladys O'Neil; Maine Life; June 1981Maine-Acadia National Parkarticle05/00/19816/00/1981Village Improvement Association Bar Harbor, Seal Harbor, Northeast and Southwest Horbors; Kane Memorial; Breakwater cottage; Paths Committee; Emery Path; Dorr Mt. Trail; Sieur de Monts Spring; Alfred Anson; John Emery; Kurt Dietrich's Climb; Tarn Trail; Mrs. Hunt Slater; Huguenot Head; Jesup Path; Canon Brook Trail; Gorge Path; Lillian Endicott Francklyn
186Bicycle Guide to Acadia National ParkUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknownJohn D. Rockefeller Jr.; Eagle lake; Witch Hole Pond; Paradise Hill; Bubble Pond; Duck Brook; Seal Cove; Schoodic Peninsula
187Birds of Acadia National ParkNational Park Service; U.S. Department of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknown
188Cadillac Mountain RoadBee's; Bar Harbor, MaineMaine-Acadia National Parkpostcard folderUnknownto be scanned and uploaded on MMNPhotography; Eagle Lake; Porcupine Islands; Cranberry Isles; Bubble Pond; Jordan Pond
189Carriage Path BridgeUnknownMaine-Acadia National Parkmap and articleUnknown5 pagesMap; Frederick Law Olmstead Jr.; John D. Rockefeller Jr.; Duck Brook Bridge; Eagle Lake Bridge; Seal Harbor Bridge; Stanley Brook Bridge; Cobblestone Bridge; Small Stone Bridge; West Branch Bridge; Cliff Side Bridge; Ampitheater Bridge; Hadlock Brook Bridge; Maple Spring Bridge; Deer Brook Bridge; Chasm Brook Bridge; Brown Mountain Gatehouse; Jordan Pond Gatehouse;
190Cassette-Tape Tour of Acadia National ParkUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknown
191Correspondence to Skip Haynes 3/16/87Lois Winter, Acting Chief Naturalist; U.S. Department of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkletterAging and distress of top edgeUnknown
192Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease 9/1/87L. Kyle Jones; U.S. Department of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkletterUnknownDr. Howard Ginsburg
193Difficulty Rating For Some of Acadia National Park's Common HikesNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
194Eastern National/ Eastern National Park and Monument Association MembershipEastern National Park and Monument AssociationMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknown
195Federal Recreation Passport ProgramU.S. Department of Interior;1987Maine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknownConservation Fund Act; Emergency Wetlands Resource Act; National Park Service
196Free Publications ListNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParklistUnknown
197Frequently Asked QuestionsUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownThunder Hole; Evengeline; Samuel Eliot Morison; Rockefeller; Matinicus Rock; Eastern Egg Rock; Eastern National Park and Monument Association; The Ovens
198Fresh-Water Fishing in and Near Acadia National ParkNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownMaine Open Water Fishing Regulations
199Information About Acadia National ParkUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownMap; Lafayette National Park
200Instructions for Completing Seasonal Park Ranger Application - 1987National Park Service; U.S. Department of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkbookletUnknown
201Jordan Pond House FireBar Harbor TimesMaine-Acadia National ParknewspaperDiscoloration and slight wear to edges6/28/197936 pagesAcadia Corporation and Pond House; Robert Patterson; Kenneth Goodyear; Interpretive Design Center of the National Park System; Jack Stark; William Whalen; Department of the Interior Parks and Recreation; Edwin Garrett; Elisabeth Thorndike; Elisabeth R. Amory; Hannah Garrett; Richard Homer; Steward Georgitis; Mike Raynor; Megan McCarthy; Mount Desert Fire Department; Jack Tracy; Seal Harbor Fire Department; Monica Rothe; Robert Rothe; Charles K. Savage; Roger Rudolph; Dana Haynes
202Jordan Pond House: Nineteenth Century Dowager Moves Gracefully Into Todayby Pat Schroth; Maine LifeMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleMark from paperclip in top left corner6/00/19784 pagesAcadia National Park; Kenneth Goodyear; Thomas A. McIntire; "Dibi" Barua; Paul Chan; Louene Peck; Cadillac Mountain; Thunder Hole; James Brown; John D.Rockefeller Jr.
203Jordan Pond: An Island TraditionBar Harbor TimesMaine-Acadia National Parknewspaper supplementDiscoloration and small tears on right edge6/10/19827 pagesRussell D. Butcher; George N. Jordan; John Stanley Jordan; Melvan Tibbets; Charles T. How; Thomas A. McIntire; Jordan Pond House; Ocean Drive; William Howard Taft; Andrew Carnegie; Joseph Pulitzer Jr.; Edsel Ford; John Jacob Astor; Archbishop of Canterbury; Henry Van Dyke; Atwater Kent Jr. Henry Mongenthau; Walter Lippman; Sumner Wells; Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Charles Lindberg; Commander Byrd; Edith Lippincott; Samuel Eliot Morison; Reverand George E. Street; Charlton Cooksey; George Stebbins; Dr. Augustus Thorndyke; Thomas Finletter; Charles Eliot; John D. Rockefeller Jr.; David Rockefeller; Nelson Rockefeller; Harold Hickey; John C. Sweet; Charles K. Savage; George N. Demas; The Tea Cup Inn; The Tea Garden; Blue Shutter Tearoom
204Jordan Pond: Recipes and InformationJordan Pond HouseMaine-Acadia National ParkbookletUnknown16 pages
205Lake Wood Monument Foot Bridge Echo a Forgotten Pastby Kathy Harbour; Bangor Daily NewsMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleCut marks; discoloration10/2/19901 pageAnne Cottenet Kane; Fanny Schermerhorn; Debbie Dyer; John Jacob Astor; Anne Kane; John Innes Kane; Fanny Bridgham; Samuel Bridgham; Charles Edwards; Virginia Edwards; Gladys O'Neil; Beatrix Farrand; Lafayette National Park
206Land Protection Plan: Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park; National Park Service U.S. Department of InteriorMaine-Acadia National Parkbooklet3/25/198842 pagesJack Hauptman; Herbert S. Cables Jr.; Hancock County; Isle au Haut; Knox County; Schooner Head; Penobscot Ship Channel; Sieur de Monts National Monument; Cadillac Mountain; Somes Sound; Fresh Meadow; Carroll Farm; Islesford Museum; Baker Island; Egg Rock Island; Bear Island; Bass Harbor Light
207Le Parc National Acadia, Ou Les Montagnes Rencontrent La MerDepartment of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
208Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians Checklist - Acadia National Park National Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
209National Park Service News Release 4/1/87UnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown
210SchoodicVirginia Wright; Down East Magazine; August 2009Maine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknown7 pagesFrenchman's Bay; Acadia National Park; Schoodic Peninsula; Schoodic Point; Winter Harbor; Photography; Prospect Harbor Point Light
211Schoodic PeninsulaUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownMosquito Harbor Bridge; Frazier Point; Schoodic point; Schoodic Peninsula; Cadillac Mountain; Blueberry Hill; The Anvil
212Scuba Diving InformationUnknownMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownHaynes's Garage; Bald Porcupine; Echo Lake; Northeast Harbor; Bass Harbor; Monument Cove; Otter Cliffs; Otter Cove; Little Hunter's Beach; Big Hunter's Beach; Sargent Drive Picnic Area; Valley Cove; Seawall; Ship Harbor; Pretty Marsh; Frazer Picnic Area
213Sieur De MontsNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownGeorge Dorr; Great Meadow; Map
214The Carriage RoadsNational Park Service; U.S. Department of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownJohn D. Rockefeller Jr.; Amphitheater
215The Enchanted Isle: LaFayette National Parkby Ronne C. Shelse; Published by arrangement with the Bureau of National Parks Washington D.C.Maine-Acadia National ParkarticleSlight wear along edges and spine; top right corners foldedUnknown16 pagesSamuel Champlain; Seiur de Monts; Hancock County Trustees of public Reservation; Dr. Charles W. Eliot; George B. Dorr; Dr. S. Weir Mitchell; Huguenot Head; Champlain; The Flying Squadron; Down Schooner Head; Ocean Drive; Precipice Path; Pemetic Mountain; Beehive; Bubbles; Norumbega; Acadia Mountain; St. Sauveur; Somes Sound; Eagle Lake; Jordan Pond; Echo Lake; Long Pond; Edward Howe Forbush; Photography
216Ticks and Lyme Disease in the National ParksHoward S. Ginsberg, Jorge L. Bench, Edward M. BoslerMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknown2 copies
217Trails of AcadiaPublished by Eastern National Park and Monument AssociationMaine-Acadia National ParkmapStains; bent corners; pencil marksUnknown
218Visitor Center Schedule September 1987UnknownMaine-Acadia National ParklistUnknown
219Volunteers in ParksNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknownNational Park Service
220Welcome to Acadia National ParkNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownBlackwoods Campground; Seawall Campground
221Welcome to Acadia National Park: Seawall SectionNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknown
222Winter Activities GuideNational Park ServiceMaine-Acadia National ParkpamphletUnknownSnowmobilers; Cross-Country Skiers; Snowshoers; Ice Skating; Ice Boating; Ice Fishing; Hypothermia
223Written in the RocksNational Park Service; U.S. Department of the InteriorMaine-Acadia National ParkarticleUnknownCadillac Mountain; Ellsworth; Bar Harbor; Cranberry Island; Schoodic Peninsula; Eagle Lake; Echo Lake; Somes Sound; Bubble Mountain; Sand Beach; Hunters Cove
224200 Years of Maine Housing: A Guide for the House Watcher (illustrated by Phoebe McGuire)Frank A. Beard; Maine Historic Preservation CommissionMaine-Architects & Architecturebooklet00/00/1976Filed with "Maine's First Buildings?"Early Period; Georgian Style; Federal Style; Greek Revival Style; Gothic Revival Style; Italianate Style; Mansard Style; Queen Anne Style; Octagon House; Stick Style; Shingle Style
225Blueprints in Bar Harbor Historical SocietyPrepared by Deborah DyerMaine-Architects & Architecturexerox copy of handwritten listUnknown2 pages
226Blueprints in MDI Historical SocietyPrepared by Nancy Howland; 1989Maine-Architects & Architecturexerox copy of handwritten directory00/00/19891 page
227Coastal Maine's Shingle StyleLavonne Carlson; Unique Homes; April/May 1989Maine-Architects & Architecturearticle00/00/1989Judy Kehl; Kittery Point; Photography; Joseph Viesti; Vaughan Pratt; Howard Goldenfarb; Ram Development Company; Prouts neck; Rob McCumber; Donald Pendleton; George Bush; Walkers Point
228Cottages and Buildings BuiltJohn E. Clark prepared by Glady's O'NeilMaine-Architects & Architecturetyped listNotes made in pencil and blue inkUnknown3 pagesWest End Hotel; Dr. Robert Amory; The Craigs; Dr. Morris Longsreth; The Eyrie; E.T. Brigham; Walter Gurnee; M.D. Sanders; F.R. Jones; Edmund Pendleton; Mossley Hall; W.B. Howard; Albert W. Bee; The Buffs Hotel; The Knoll; Summit House; Green Mt. Railway Co.; Stanwood; James C. Blaine; Charles How; Col. John Markoe; Cadillac Hotel; Honfleur; Shackford'd Point; George Emery House; George Grant; John Doe house; Alonzo Ash House; Stable & Coach House; The Briars; J. Montgomery Sears; Newport Cottage; Coachman's Lodge; Ansel Leland House
229Historic Preservation in MaineEarle Shuttleworth Jr.; Maine Historic Preservation CommissionMaine-Architects & ArchitecturebookletDiscoloration around edgesUnknown12 pagesMaine Historic Preservation Commission; Citizens for Historic Preservation; National Historic Preservation Act; National Register of Historic Places; Morse-Libby; Victoria Mansion; G.A.R. House; Symphony House; Percy Shipyard; Small Shipyard; Union Baptist Church; Lincoln County; George Smouse; Alna Meetinghouse; Fort Edgecomb; Joseph Wood; Knox County; Waldo County; Farnsworth House; Robbins House; Fort Knox; York County; Old York Goal; Old York Improvement Society; Elizabeth Perkins House; John Bardwell; Ernest D. Breneman; Kennebunk River Club; Perkins Tide Mill; Old Jerusalem Meetinghouse; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Reverand Ichabod Nichols; Anne Longfellow Pierce; McLellan-Sweat Mansion; John Calvin Stevens; Maine Society of Colonial Dames; George Tate House; North Cumberland County; Pettengill ouse and Farm; William Fenderson Perry; First Parish Church; Bowdoin Chapel; Pejepscot Historical Society; Richardson House; George McManus; Sagadahoc County; Winter Street Church; Anthony coombs Raymond; Central Church; Richard Upjohn; Arthur Gilman; Richmond Historical and Cultural Society; Aroostook County; Washington County; Blackhawk Putnam Tavern; Tate House; Hancock County; Turrets; Colonel John Black House; Asher Benjamin; Fort George; Androscoggin County; Washburn-Norlands Foundation; Little Time Machine; Washburn Memorial Library; Norlands Universalist Church; Franklin County; Franklin County; Benjamin Butler; Natalie Butler; Cutler Memorial Library; Moses Mason House; Rufus Porter; Kennebec County; Fort Western; Row House; Somerset County; Katahdin Iron Works; Penobscot County; Thomas A. Hill House; Grand Army Memorial Home
230Maine's First Buildings: The Architecture of Settlement, 1604-1700Robert Bradley; Maine Historic PreservationMaine-Architects & Architecturepamphlet00/001978The Old Garrison; McIntire Garrison; York; Mitchell Garrison; Fernald house; Frost Garrison; Edward Johnson; William Bradford; John Winthrop; Thomas Dudley; Lady Bridget; Countess of Lincoln; Peter Force; John Winter; Robert Trelawny; St. Croix Island; Dochet Island; Sieur de Monts; Sir John Popham; Fort St. George; William Godsoe; Thomas Spinney; Wilson Garrison; Colonel Wolfgang W. Romer; Saco Fort; Captain John Turfrey; Edmund Johnson; Sheepscot Farm
231The Man Who Built Northeast Harbor (Fred Savage)Letitia Baldwin; Down East Magazine; February 1996Maine-Architects & Architecturearticle00/00/19967 pagesFred L. Savage; Breakwater Cottage; Lewis Gerrish; Jesup Memorial Library; Northeast Harbor Library; Maine Historic Preservation Commission; Somes Sound; Augustus Chase Savage; Charles Eliot; Samuel Eliot Morison
232The Work of Fred L. Savage-Bar HarborUnknownMaine-Architects & Architecturexerox copy of typed directoryUnknown5 pages
233(Chute, Carolyn) Poor people richly portrayed Greg Gadberry; Maine Sunday Telegram; January 9, 1994Maine-Authorsarticle00/00/1994Filed as "Chute, Carolyn"Egypt; "The Beans of Egypt Maine"; "Merry Men"; "War and Peace in a Small New England Town"; Kezar Falls House of Pizza; Cape Elizabeth; Dianne Benedict; Corlies "Cork" Smith
234Cooney, BarbaraJackie Cittorne; Riverbank Riview; Summer 2000Maine-AuthorsarticleUnknown4 pages; filed as "Cooney, Barbara"Miss Rumphius; Bertil Malmberg; Ake and His World; Charles Talbot Porter; Margaret Wise Brown; Chrismas in the Barn; Chanticleer and the Fox; The Canterbury Tales; Mother Goose in French; Dionysos and the Pirates; Little Brother and Little Sister; Donald Hall; Ox-Cart Man; Edward Hicks; Hattie and the Wild Waves; Island Boy; Eleanor Roosevelt; Emily; Emily Dickinson; Jane Boulton; Basket Moon; Mary Lyn Ray
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255How to Prepare Maine LobsterDepartment of Sea and Shore Fisheries & Department of Industry and Commerce; 1955Maine-Fisheriespamphlet00/00/1955
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276Baxter State Park and KatahdinDelorme, Freeport, ME; 1996Maine-Mapsmap00/00/1996
277Moosehead Lake and Vicinity: Sebec Lake and the headwater of the Kennebek, Penobscot, and St. John Rivers; drawn expressly for "Farrar's Moosehead Lake and Vicinity From actual surveys by M.M. Tidd (revised and corrected); Jamaica Publishing Co. Jamaica Plain Mass.; 1889Maine-MapsmapTaped in multiple place; fragileUnknown
278Acadia Naturalist Cruise from Bass Harbor on Mount Desert IslandVagabond CruisesMaine-MaritimepamphletUnknown
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284Cranberry Isles Mailboat and Ferry Schedule (1987)Beal and Bunker Inc.Maine-MaritimepamphletUnknown
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289Maine State Ferry Service 1987 ScheduleMaine State Ferry ServiceMaine-MaritimepamphletUnknown
290My Affair With the "J.T. Morse"Joseph Allen; Down East MagazineMaine-Maritimearticle6/00/197113 pagesGray Rock Cottage; Camden; Belfast; Monhegan; Boothbay; Catherine; Bass Harbor Head Light; York Narrows Bell Buoy; Captain Everett L. Thompson; Bear Island Light; George Higgins; John Sullivan; Raymond Grindle; Harvey Freeman; Leon Spinney; Ed Carmen; Norman Colomy; Lawrence Harper; Captain Roswell Eaton; Captain Addison Shute; Willis Town; Harry Shute; Mount Desert; Old Mounty; City of Rockland; Sandy Webster; Maggie Higgins; John R. Lee; Pemaquid; Ray E. Eaton; Cecil Wescott; Southport
291Norumbega on the RocksGladys O'Neil; Maine LifeMaine-MaritimearticleTop left corner foldedUnknownMaine Central Railroad; Mt. Desert Ferry; Kelley Spear Company's Shipyard; Sappho; Bath Iron Work; Pemaquid; Clark Point; Joseph Norton; Scott's Salvage Company; Quincy Yacht Basin
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293Scenic Cruises Aboard the Islesford FerryIslesford Ferry Co.Maine-MaritimepamphletUnknown
294Sea Princess Naturalist CruisesUnknownMaine-MaritimepamphletUnknown
295The Boating Industry of Mount Desert IslandBar Harbor Times Supplement; 1980Maine-MaritimearticleWear and discoloration along right edge00/00/1980Marion Kane; Nell Thornton; A.J. Whiting yard; Caspian; Two Sisters; Mary; American; Amethyst; Hazard; Samuel Hadlock; Cranberry Island; Magdelene Island; Benjamin Benson; Nathanial Richardson; Somesville Library; Mary Hadlock; Civil War; William Keen; Henry Hinckley; Dick Saltonstall; Camp Norridgewock; Gwen Hinckley; Night Train; Jarvis Newman; Jock Williams; joe Laurence; Hank Hinckley; Ocean Cruising Yachts Inc.; Glastron Boat Co.; Everett White; Bob Wilbur; William Cook; Alberta Willey; Bob Lincoln; Kay Hudgens; Lester Bracy; Amos Swan; College of the Atlantic; Ed Kaelber; The Venture; David Sweet; Morning Star; Robert C. Wolff; Jack Tar; Chester Stanley; Time Goodwin; Friendship; Mercy Johnson; Southwest Boat Corpooration; World War II: Echo Pesca; Deliverance; Price Rainier; Lee Wilbur; John Bueche; John Briggs Jr.; Raymond Bunker; Bobby Rich; John Harkins
296The Crotch Island PinkyBath Marine Museum 1975Maine-MaritimebookletNote in red pencil; crease running vertical length in centerUnknown16 pages
297The Naval Coaling Station at LamoineThe Down East Enterprise; April 1976Maine-Maritimenewspaper photoWriting in blue ink overlapping imageUnknownGreat White Fleet; Greetings From Maine: A Postcard Album; Brewster Harding; Gay Nineties; Chisholm Bros; Hugh C. Leighton Company; George W. Morris Company
298The S.S. RangeleyGranger Tripp; The Rangeley FoundationMaine-MaritimebookletUnknownGoliah; Frank E. Kirby; South American; U.S.S Savannah; World War I; Bath Iron Works; Maine Central Railroad; Mt Desert Ferry; Chauncey M. Depew; World War II
299Wreck of the Grand DesignBar Harbor Times; May 5 1988Maine-MaritimearticleDiscoloration00/001988Jack Galloway; Isabel Asbell Galloway; David Scherer; Mary Scherer; Robert Galloway
300Women Pioneers in Maine Art 1900-1945The Joan Whitney Payson Gallery of Art; Westbrook College 1985Maine-Peoplebooklet00/00/1985Dorothy M. Healy; Georgia O'Keeffe; Marguerite Zorach; Dorothy Hay Jensen; Joan P.Uraneck; Marcia Oakes Woodbury; Lucy Hayward Barker; Louis Nevelson; Peggy Baconl Edith Cleaves Barry; Bernice Breck; Mildred Giddings Burrage; Mary B. Call; Anne Carleton; Flora G. Cullen; Robert Wrigth DiMatteo; Dorothy Stanley Emmons; Gertrude Fiske; Isabella Howland; Dohlov Ipcar; Alice Harmon Shaw Kirkpatrick; Nellie Augusta Knopf; Sarah Freedman McPherson; Cornelia Sage; Katherine Schmidt; Mabel May Woodward
301A Preliminary List of the Summer Birds of Mount Desert Island MainePrepared by Francis H. Allen (1893 and 1899); issued by the Joint Path Committee of the Village Improvement Societies of Bar HarborMount Desert Island ME-BirdspamphletLight wear to cornersUnknown8 pages; 5 copiesOrnithological Department of the Champlain society; Robert B. Worthington; Julius R. Wakefield; Francis B. White; Arthur S. Gilman; Henry M. Spelman; Charles W. Townsend
302Birds of Mount Desert Island and Where to Find ThemJames Bond; Bar Harbor Times 1958Mount Desert Island ME-BirdsbookletUnknown19 pagesAunt Betty's Pond; Samuel A. Eliot; Paul Favour
303Checklist of the Birds of Acadia National ParkPaul G. Favour r.; March 1969Mount Desert Island ME-Birdstyped pagesUnknown14 pagesJames Bond; Birds of Mount Desert Island; Acadia National Park; Schoodic Peninsula; Isle Au Haut
304Archaelogical Site Locations in Acadia National Park and VicinityU.S. Department of Interior;1971Mount Desert Island ME-Geology & MineralogymapTitle written in pencil00/00/1971
305Block Diagrams of the Development of Mt. Desert IslandSketches redrawn by Christine A. Coffman; Plymouth State College Department of Geography); from The Scenery of Mt. Desert Island: Its Origins and Development by Elwin J. Raisz; Annals of the N.Y. Academy and Sciences, Vol. XXXI, Sept. 18, 1929; pp. 21-1Mount Desert Island ME-Geology & MineralogydrawingsStapled; bent cornersUnknown7 pages
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322Shaping Our Future-MDI Tomorrow: A Progress Report to Our CommunitiesEdited by Cheryl Curtis; MDI Tomorrow University of Maine Cooperative Extension; June 10, 2004Mount Desert Island ME-Historyarticle6/10/200416 pagesKids Corner Daycare; Island Explorer Bus; Island Connections; MDI League of Towns; MDI Rotary Club; MDI Realators Association; Summer Residents Association; Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce; Community Design and Land Use; Community Houseing; The Island Housing Trust; Community for Children & Youth; MDI Tomorrow Health Workgroup; MDI Local Food Connections; MDI Tomorrow Transportation
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329Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association Path Map (adapted from the Map of Mount Desert Island Maine)Compiled by Waldron BatesMount Desert Island ME-MapsmapTears along edges and folds; discolorationUnknown
330Map of Mount Desert Island MaineCompiled for the flora of Mount Desert Island; by Edwary L. Rand; June 1893Mount Desert Island ME-MapsmapDiscoloration and damage along foldsUnknown
331Path Maps of Mount Desert Island Revised 1932.Compiled by Waldron Bates and Herbert JaquesMount Desert Island ME-MapsmapDiscoloration; wear alongs folds and edgesUnknown
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333Alessandro FabbriReprint from the Bar Harbor Times of Feb. 8, 1922Mount Desert Island ME-PeoplebookletDiscoloration; graphite marks on front and back covers00/00/1922Otter Cliffs; Otter Cliffs Naval Radio Station; Ernesto G. Fabbri; J.P. Morgan; Armistice Day; Josephus Daniels; Dr. Alexis Carrel; Rockefeller Institute; Wei Mitchell Station for Biological Research; Pot and Kettle; Reading Room; Holland Lodge; Egisto Fabbri; Great South bay; Side Shooting Club; Reverend William Manning; Dr. R.W. Wakefield; George Edwin Kirk Post; H.E. Tracy; Malcolm Brewer; David O. Rodick; Ralph H. Kingsley; George B. Dorr
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339Livin' Where You Want to Live (Draper Liscomb)Bethany Aronow; Salt; Winter 1982Mount Desert Island ME-PeoplearticleNote in blue ink on cover; tear along right edge00/00/1982Draper Liscomb; Eagle Lake; Evalyn Walsh McLean; Civilian Conservation Corps; McFarland's Hill Southwest Harbor; Salisbury Cove; Wickedville; World War II; Sam Colt; Aroostook County
340Museum for the BirdsNorah Deakin Davis; Downeast October 1988Mount Desert Island ME-PeoplearticleUnknownFiled with "Wendell Gilley Bird Carver"Wendell Gilley Museum; Southwst Harbor; Harry Truman; Dwight Eisenhower; Dick Nixon; J. Edgar Hoover; Rube Goldberg; Steve Valleau; Donal C. O'Brien; National Audubon Society; The Art of Bird Carving; Nelson Rockefeller; Addie Gilley; Roc Caivano; Langdon Wood; Nina Gormley; Gus Anderson
341S. Weir Mitchell Novelist and PhysicianGeorge F. Whicher; New York Herald Tribune Book Review; May 28 1930Mount Desert Island ME-PeoplearticleTaped; Underlined in pencil00/00/1950Filed as "S. Weir Mitchell, Novelist and Physician"Anna Robenson Burr; "Weir Mitchell, His Life and Letters"; Hugh Wynne; Dr. Harvey Cushing; Oliver Wendell Holmes; Constance Trescott; Henry James; William Dean Howells; Ernest Earnest; Irving W. Voorhees
342The DeGregoire Family of Hulls CoveGladys O'NeilMount Desert Island ME-Peoplexerox of articleReference to more material in black inkUnknown1 pageKing Louis XIV; Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac; Madame Marie Therese De Gregoire; Barthelmy De Gregoire; Lafayette; Thomas Jefferson; Revolutionary War; Hulls Cove; Royal Gurley; Cornelia Prime; Colony Motel
343Wendell Gilley Bird CarverJohn H. Buchanan; Down East Magazine; Oct. 1988Mount Desert Island ME-PeoplearticleUnknownPresident Truman; President Eisenhower; President Nixon; Chief Justice Earl Warren; J. Edgar Hoover; Sam Rayburn; David Rockefeller; Northeast Harbor Library; Elmer Crowell; Jack Drake; Arnold Melbye; Duck Island
344A Fjord by Any Other NameDown East Magazine; September 2008Mount Desert Island ME-PlacesarticleUnknown1 pageSomes Sound; Fjord; Deborah Wade; Photography
345Maine's Rockbound ClassicEllen MacDonald Ward; Downeast Magazine; Aug. 1989Mount Desert Island ME-Placesarticle08/00/1989the Anchorage; Nelson A Rockefeller; Walter K. Harrison; Josephine "Dodie" Ford"; Bernard Langlais
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348Surprising Bass HarborUnknown; Downeast Magazine; June 1990Mount Desert Island ME-Placesarticle06/00/1990Jack Ledbetter; Bass Harbor Head Light
349XYZ, Southwest HarborKim Ridley; Down East Magazine, September 2005Mount Desert Island ME-PlacesarticleUnknown2 pagesSouthwest Harbor; Yucatan; Restaurants; Bob Hoyt; Janet Strong; Photography