Aging and Regenerative Medicine with the Jesup and The Jackson Laboratory

The Primary Source Speaker Series presents science talks for a general audience. This series highlights current research in a trusted and comfortable setting where questions may be directed to the primary source — the research scientists and the public library.

This year’s series explores the science behind aging and the possibilities of regenerative medicine. These lectures will cover broad subjects including heart development and regeneration, the positive effects of sleep on the aging brain and dementia, and prospect of regenerative medicine to regrow kidneys effected by age. All the speakers live and work locally at The Jackson Laboratory, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory or Northern Light Acadia Hospital.

This series is part of “Primary Source” an annual collaboration between the Jesup Memorial Library and JAX featuring a series of programs about genetics. Previous series in this collaboration include “Genetic Stories: A Film and Discussion Series” in 2016, “Genetic Tails: Discover Your Dog’s Ancestry” in 2017, “You: A Novel Gene Story” in 2018, “Getting Personal: How Your Genes are Shaping the Future of Healthcare” in 2019.

Tues., July 7 at 7 p.m.
“Forever Young: Regenerating the Aging Heart” with Dr. Nadia Rosenthal, Scientific Director at The Jackson Laboratory
Professor Rosenthal is the Scientific Director of The Jackson Laboratory. After receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Rosenthal established and headed the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) campus in Rome.  She was Founding Director of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University and founded EMBL Australia as its Scientific Head.  Rosenthal is an EMBO member, Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences and the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Science, and is an NH&MRC Australia Fellow.  She also holds a Chair in Cardiovascular Science at Imperial College London. Dr. Rosenthal is a global leader in investigating mammalian development, disease and repair of the heart and cardiovascular system. Please join us for an engaging presentation about heart disease and cardiac regeneration.
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Tuesday, July 21 at 7 p.m. 

“How the Black Bear May Hold the Secret to a Cure for Kidney Disease” with Dr. Ron Korstanje, Associate Professor at The Jackson Laboratory
Professor Korstanje is an Associate Professor at The Jackson Laboratory. His lab studies the genetics of kidney function and disease, particularly in the context of aging. Chronic kidney disease affects more than half a million Americans, a number that is growing due to the aging population. He also is the co-director for the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging at JAX. Please join us to hear how Dr. Korstanje is studying hibernating black bears to provide clues to kidney regeneration in people.
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Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m.
“Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease: New Insights into Causes and Effects” with Dr. Cliff Singer, Northern Light Acadia Hospital
Dr. Singer is chief of Geriatric Mental Health and Neuropsychiatry at Northern Light Acadia Hospital in Bangor, Maine, and is principal investigator of the Northern Light Health Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program. He was the founding president of the Oregon Geriatrics Society and is now president of the Dirigo Maine Geriatrics Society. He received the Eastern Maine Medical Center Annual Award for Clinical Research for his achievements in improving the care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and their families in Maine through research and clinical work. Please join us to hear how sleep affects Alzheimer’s disease and its importance to healthy aging.
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Tuesday, September 15 at 7 p.m. 
“Making New Kidneys: Insights into Regeneration” with Dr. Iain Drummond, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
Professor Drummond is Professor and Director of the Davis Center for Aging and Regeneration at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor Maine. Previously at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Dr. Drummond pioneered studies of the zebrafish to discover mechanisms of organ development, pathobiology of kidney disease, and stem cell-based mechanisms of kidney regeneration. Please join us to hear how regenerative medicine could be used to treat age-related degenerative diseases and injuries.
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