Mushrooms: Find ‘Em, Grow ‘Em, Eat ‘Em on Wed., Oct. 3

Join Dr. David Porter, a retired professor of mycology which is the study of mushrooms and fungi, for “Mushrooms: Find ‘Em, Grow ‘Em, Eat ‘Em” at the Jesup Memorial Library on Wednesday, October 3 at 7 p.m.

Porter will talk about foraging for edible wild mushrooms in Maine and the techniques available to cultivate mushrooms at home. He will help you learn the basic precautions to take to avoid poisonous mushrooms and how to identify ones that are edible. Porter will also teach you how best to grow shiitake, oyster mushrooms, wine cap mushrooms and others at home and how to enhance your own garden.

Porter spent 38 years as a professor in the Plant Biology Department at the University of Georgia. While at the there, he authored more than sixty scientific he provided outreach identification services for collectors and physicians and gave mushroom talks and walks at many venues across the state. Now living in Brooklin, Maine, Porter teaches Fungal Ecology at the College of the Atlantic. He also reaches various mushroom related outreach programs through the Maine Mycological Association, where he serves on the board, as well as at several Senior Colleges, Colloquy Downeast, Acadia National Park, the Blue Hill Heritage Trust, Island Heritage Trust and Downeast Audubon.

For more information on the talk, contact the Jesup at 207-288-4245 or