“Midwives and Safe Motherhood Promoting Respectful Care of Women” with Linda Robinson on Thurs., Jan. 24

Linda Robinson, a certified nurse midwife, spent the past two years living and working in Malawi, Africa teaching midwifery at Kamuzu College of Nursing. In Malawi, the lifetime maternal mortality risk is 1 in 29, and there is a growing fear around health facilities. On Thursday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. will talk about her experience working to combat this problem by creating a model ward staffed by midwives and helping empower women in the country.

While in Malawi, Robinson was part of the Global Health Service Partnership, a partnership between SEED Global Health and Peace Corps. This organization sends midwives, nurses, and doctors to teach in five countries in Africa to train medical professionals in their national setting, utilizing available resources.

Many Malawian women have few resources and poor education, and the abusive and disrespectful care by some doctors has led some women to avoid delivering where skilled providers practice.  Robinson will talk about the process of planning and implementation of a model ward which works to improve the student nurse experience, empower midwives to function as independent practitioners, promote the respectful care of women, and improve overall maternal and infant outcomes.

Also while in Malawi, Robinson started a project that taught women with no formal education how to make jewelry using local and donated materials. The women then learned simple business concepts and how to find markets where they could then sell their creations. This worked to help increase the women’s self-esteem and gave them a greater sense of self-worth. Pieces of their jewelry will be on display and for sale that night.

For more information on the talk, contact the Jesup at 207-288-4245 or mrice@jesuplibrary.org.