Author Talk and Book Signing: Little Long Pond: A Field Guide to Four Seasons” on Thurs., Nov. 16

Join John Rivers and Samuel Eliot to explore Little Long Pond through words and photographs. Rivers and Eliot will be speaking about their book “Little Long Pond: A Field Guide to Four Seasons” at the Jesup Memorial Library on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m.

In the book, they explore both the pond’s past and its future. Little Long Pond and its surroundings, is vulnerable to rising sea levels from Bracy Cove, at the south end, and to the process of eutrophication, which is causing the northern marsh to advance southward as the pond grows more shallow. The book combines scientific information along with Eliot and Rivers personal observations, and there are chapters written by local experts including Anne Funderburk, Duane Braun, Linda Gregory and Rich MacDonald.

Eliot is an educator and writer who has imagined this book since his youth. He and his border collie, Prudence, live at Acadian Farm in rural Bar Harbor. Virtually every day the weather permits, Sam and Prudence are visitors to Little Long Pond.

Rivers is a photographer specializing in natural history: birds, landscapes, weather and atmosphere. His family moved to Mount Desert when he was three, and after years away, he has retired on the island. He, his wife, Carol, and his daughter, Ann, live in Northeast Harbor.

Books will be on sale that night. For more information, contact the Jesup at 207-288-4245 or