Author Talk and Book Signing: Jordanna Max Brodsky “The Wolf in the Whale” on Fri., July 5

In author Jordanna Max Brodsky’s newest book “The Wolf in the Whale” the worlds of the Vikings and Inuit collide in 1000 A.D., as a young Inuit shaman and a Viking warrior become unwilling allies. Join Brodsky at the Jesup Memorial Library on Friday, July 5 at 7 p.m. for an author talk and book signing.

Around 1,000 years ago, Leif Erickson became one of the first Europeans to land in North America. While most know this story, few have heard the story told in Norse Sagas of Leif’s sister Freydis who also formed her own settlement, before eventually fleeing back to Greenland. At this same time, the ancestors of today’s Inuit were moving eastward from Siberia to eastern Canada, where the Norse were trying to colonize. “The Wolf in the Whale” is a tale of adventure, magic, and mythology, set amid this history. The book follows the meeting of Omat, an Inuit shaman, and Brandr, a Viking warrior from Freydis expedition. Omat is on a journey to save her family and sets out across the ocean. There she meets Brandr and their meeting sets into motion a conflict between not only their peoples but also their gods. A conflict that could either shatter this new world or save it.

Brodsky extensively researched the book going to both Norway and Iceland to explore Norse history and culture as well as Nunavut, the home of the Inuit people, where she learned more about the culture and history of the people who have called the area home for generations. B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog writes that the book is “a propulsive, deeply researched glimpse into a time and place that will be familiar to few, and which proves to be as fascinating as any fictional universe.” And, The BiblioSanctum adds, “[a] stunning masterpiece… ‘The Wolf in the Whale’ is a novel that will enchant and captivate fantasy and historical fiction fans alike.”

Brodsky is the author of the Olympus Bound Trilogy, a reimagining of classic mythology that has the goddess Artemis living in modern day New York. Deborah Harkness, the New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches, writes that the series is “A lively re-imagining of classical mythology with an engaging premise, a page-turning plot, and an eye for the arresting and uncanny in contemporary urban life.” Brodsky is from Virginia and a holds a degree in History and Literature from Harvard University. While she lives in Manhattan, her in-laws are inn owners in Bar Harbor and she spends much of her time in Acadia National Park.

Books will be on sale that night courtesy of co-sponsor Sherman’s Books. For more information on Brodsky, visit and for more information on the talk, contact the Jesup at 207-288-4245.