Age By Design: Dr. Dianna Emory “Bonding with Nature” on Sat. May 19

Join Dr. Dianna Emory for the launch of her book, “Bonding with Nature: Responding to Life’s Challenges and the Aging Process,” on Saturday, May 19 at 3 p.m. at the Jesup Memorial Library. Her book combines her personal experiences with research to explore how nature can help overcome challenges, especially those we encounter in the aging process.

Emory describes how creative approaches to interacting with nature at home and in local lands, state and national parks, and other green spaces can carry people through challenges, especially when combined with meaningful relationships, volunteer activities, relaxation techniques, visualization, exercise and healthy food. “The natural world taught me from early childhood to use its healing powers, while simultaneously giving back to living things and their habitats,” Emory says. “I have used those lessons for nearly seven decades in my professional and personal life, and have sought training in many directions.”

“Bonding with Nature” also draws upon her professional experience in the mental health and medical arenas; her deep familial and personal cancer history; her passion for and volunteerism on behalf of national parks and conserved places; and her love of flora and fauna.

Tim Glidden, President of Maine Coast Heritage Trust, says, “This is an important book for those in an imperiled world.  Dr. Emory’s message guides us to nature’s timeless reservoirs of rejuvenation, solace and strength…She combines inspiring vision with practical advice, all grounded in the deep experience of a life well-lived in her service of nature and humanity.”

Books will be on sale that day courtesy of Sherman’s Books. All author royalties from retail sales of “Bonding with Nature” will be directed to medical institutions and organizations working on behalf of the natural world.

This talk is part of Age By Design and is co-sponsored by YWCA Mount Desert Island, Mount Desert Island YMCA and Island Connections.

The next talk in the Age By Design series is on Saturday, May 26 at 1:30 p.m. with Margaret Cruikshank who will lead a conversation about literature and aging. Cruikshank is the author of “Fierce with Reality: Literature on Aging” which explores the aging process and facets of aging through the writings of authors including Mary Oliver, Alice Walker, Willie Nelson, ancient Chinese poets and more. There will be a reading guide that goes a long with the talk.

For more information about Age By Design programs, contact the Jesup at 207-288-4245 or