Lee Bonta ~ Director of Development

Lee Bonta moved here in 2018, he has become an active member of the Jesup community, participating in the programs and getting a chance to meet many of the friends, supporters and volunteers that help to make the Jesup the community treasure that it is.  “I still remember the feeling of awe I felt the first time I walked into this beautiful library and realized that I was now a part of the Jesup and this amazing community.”

He has a master’s degree in nonprofit management and has been working in the development field for more than 25 years with organizations ranging from Easter Seals Florida, The University of South Florida, The Minnesota Orchestra, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to Pittsburgh Public Theater and the Bloomington Arts Center. 

“As the Jesup embarks on the Jesup 2020 campagin to prepare it for its second hundred years of serving our community, I look forward to meeting and working with everyone who values the Jesup and wants to be a part of making the next chapter in our history as strong as the first chapter has been.”