Dana Mastroianni ~ Assistant Director

Dana Mastroianni has possessed a passion for learning since she was a zygote, catapulting her to college to nurture her love of science and seeking an undergraduate degree in geology and biology. While possessing a desire to attend graduate school, she postponed enrollment in favor of pragmatism and worked in a family business, paying off school loans. Always willing to help out friends, she excitedly engaged her need to learn by researching questions from a cadre of pals during the pre-Google era, underscoring her true passion of reference work which was the inspiration for her graduate work into the field of library and information science. She has worked as a director and assistant director in several Massachusetts municipalities prior to her arrival at Bar Harbor’s Jesup Memorial Library.

Her interests include movies and books, music, animals, sports, mushroom foraging, archaeology, cooking, and finding the perfect potato chip: a lifelong sojourn.  If she did not choose a career in librarianship, you might have had an opportunity to view her on the stage of Woodstock, take a class in Paleontology from her within the hallowed halls of a major university, or sitting at a table in New York as she served you from her 5-star restaurant.